25 Aug 2023

Celebrating Gospel Heritage Month: A Symphony of History, Music, and Unity

This September, the rhythm of gospel music sets the beat as we celebrate Gospel Heritage Month. This month-long celebration honours the rich legacy of gospel music and its profound influence on our lives.

Throughout September, a series of events are lined up across the UK, each one a tribute to the soul-stirring world of gospel music. These events not only offer captivating performances from talented artists but also provide a deep dive into the history and cultural significance of this powerful genre.

Joining in these celebrations is the renowned London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC), premiering its documentary film on 9th September in Birmingham. As part of their 40th-anniversary celebrations, this documentary stands as a testament to their monumental journey.

The film traces LCGC's origin story, history, and legacy - from its inception in London in 1982, born amidst personal, community and national trauma, to its evolution into a symbol of hope, rescue, acceptance and unity. The choir took to social media to share their journey: "40 years on, we are still that voice of hope".

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Produced in collaboration with ESA Productions, the documentary will have its premiere screening at Birmingham Town Hall as part of the 'I Will Tell International Film Festival'.

The group has also planned an exciting event on September 24th named "The London Community Gospel Choir – Experience Day". This event offers a unique opportunity for you to flex your singing skills and join this incredible choir for a day. With a full rehearsal session and a rendition of the classic 'Oh Happy Day', you'll get an immersive experience into the world of gospel music.

The day includes a two-hour singing session at LCGC's rehearsal studio where you'll join up to 14 participants to learn about gospel music's history and voice projection techniques. After a break, you'll meet the rest of the choir members and participate in performing the song you've learnt.

Please note that these experiences take place approximately once every three months on Wednesdays at LCGC's HQ recording studio in Walthamstow, East London. You're welcome to bring along two spectators.

So come along! Let's celebrate Gospel Heritage Month together - honouring its rich history while creating soulful musical memories.


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