15 Sep 2023

Gospel Heritage Month Celebrations at the House of Parliament

A historic venue, inspiring artists, and a shared love for gospel music - what do these have in common? They all came together for an unforgettable celebration of Gospel Heritage Month at none other than the House of Parliament.Premier Gospel organised this unique event at "The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft". The esteemed attendees from the Houses of Lords and Commons were treated to exceptional performances by Premier gospel award winning artists Sharyn, UK Stars Asha Elia, and Day Three Music.The chapel echoed with the harmonious blend of voices, creating an atmosphere that was both reflective and uplifting. Attendees found solace amidst their demanding schedules immediately after the weekly Prime Minister’s question time, with the mid-week service offering a much-needed oasis.Ugbana Oyet Serjeant At Arms, shared his thoughts on the experience: "We've missed having a choir sing at chapel service...just having this time is uplifting...it strengthens us for the rest of the day and the week. It's been a great blessing to have the choir here with us."

HE also expressed his gratitude to Muyiwa Olarewaju OBE Premier Gospel Station Director for making them aware of such enriching services. He highlighted the strong Christian heritage in Parliament and mentioned how privileged they felt to continue that tradition.

Indeed, standing within walls that have witnessed over 1000 years of worship and prayer added a sense of gravitas to the event. The attendees weren't just partaking in a service; they were adding to a rich tapestry woven through history.

The Gospel Heritage Month celebrations at the House of Parliament truly underscored the enduring power and influence of gospel music. It served as a testament to its capacity to uplift spirits, fortify faith, and unite diverse groups under one heavenly harmony. 

Nathana Afonso

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