12 Sep 2023

The 2023 GX Awards

We are shining the spotlight on one of the most exciting events in the UK gospel music calendar - The 2023 GX Awards! This illustrious event, held in the city of Birmingham, was a dazzling showcase of talent, passion, and the power of gospel music. From awe-inspiring performances to heartfelt acceptance speeches, the GX Gospel Awards was a testament to the vibrant and thriving gospel scene in the UK.
The GX Awards have been instrumental in shining a spotlight on the rich talent present in the gospel music scene. It's a celebration dedicated entirely to gospel music, which is a testament to the vision and hard work of gospel artist and GX Awards CEO, Annette B. 

On a night that celebrated the best in gospel, the GX Awards saw some truly deserving winners. Our very own Muyiwa clinched the award for Best TV Presenter, a testament to his charming on-screen presence and commitment to gospel music. Multi-talented worshipper/ Musican Noel Robinson also had a triumphant night, taking home multiple awards that recognised his immense contribution to the gospel scene. The Best Afrobeats award was scooped up by Ibe Giantkiller, whose vibrant music continues to bring a unique touch to the genre. The Prestige Award saw Astepfwd being honoured for their significant contribution to gospel music. O'Neil Dennis, the founder of Astepfwd, was there in person to accept this esteemed award, a moment of great pride and recognition for their tireless work in promoting gospel music.

The GX Gospel Awards 2023 was not just a night of accolades, but also a spectacular showcase of performances that truly embodied the spirit and diversity of gospel music.
Chris Da Ambassador brought a unique twist to the night with his dancehall vibe. His energetic performance was a vibrant fusion of gospel and dancehall that had the audience swaying along. Each beat, each lyric, resonated with an infectious rhythm that made it impossible not to move.

The legendary Toyin Adekale graced the stage with her signature lovers' rock gospel sound. Her soulful voice echoed through the hall, each note touching hearts and stirring souls. The power of her performance lay not just in her beautiful vocals, but also in the profound message of her songs.

Singer/songwriter Cie took the energy up a notch with an uptempo number that had the crowd on their feet. Her dynamic performance was a testament to her talent and versatility as an artist. She electrified the audience with her powerful vocals and engaging stage presence.

Each performance at The GX Gospel Awards 2023 was unique in its own right, reflecting the diverse sounds and styles within gospel music. There was a full sense of Gratitude to God in the atmosphere with each performance.   

To sum up, the 2023 GX Gospel Awards was a big hit. Looking back, it showcased the great talent in UK gospel. Here's hoping for many more years of inspiring music and artists at the GX Awards.

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