29 Apr 2022

UK Gospel Show : One to Watch - Candice McKenzie

Akosua DF: You are a renowned female DJ within a generally male dominated industry. Tell us how you developed the passion for DJing and whether it's been difficult to breakthrough.

Candice M: When I was in college I had a Saturday job in Clarks, the shoe shop.  My colleague Simon was a DJ and he used to make mix tapes, and sneak them into the shop sound system to play to the customers. One day I asked him how the songs are mixed together with no gaps, and he explained that he used his decks to mix the songs together. I asked him to teach me, which he did, and he also very kindly lent me his 1210s (record decks) so I could practice.  Not long after, an old school friend known as Trevor Afro was selling his 1210s to fund his trip to Ibiza.  I bought his 1210s and the rest they say, is history My passion, determination, drive and positive attitude have led me to have a successful career in music. I have won awards for Female DJ of the Year and DJ of the Year. MixMag, the UKs leading Dance music magazine, named me as one of 20 Black UK House acts that you should know about and I have judged the Eurovision Song Contest.

Akosua DF: Woooooooooow . I'm lost for words. youve accomplished a lot. Do you think that the UK Gospel community is exposed to House music? Both Praise/worship, and rap/hip are very popular genres but would you agree that House music isn't as popular?

Candice M: There is a lot of gospel in House music. I have been focused on playing predominantly Gospel House and Inspirational House music for over 10 years and in recent times there has been a resurgence in this style over the last few years, especially since the pandemic.  However, from my personal experience, I feel that the gospel community doesnt accept House Music, even Gospel House Music, like it does other genres of music.

Akosua DF: Well I guess that's why we have you to single-handedly change the game and re-introduce us all to Gospel House. Congratulations on your latest single His Promise. Can you share the inspiration behind the song?

Candice M: Thank you. In 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease (IgA Nephropathy) which has now developed into end stage renal disease. I wrote His Promise as a reminder to myself that no matter how hard it gets, His Promise is greater than the problem.  This illness is an invisible disease and I think on face value, you cannot tell that there is anything wrong with me, however I do need a kidney transplant.  Im hoping that the way I carry myself, continue to live my best life and trust in God to see me through, inspires others that are facing tough times. 

Akosua DF: What an inspiring testimony. One would never know what you're going through. We pray that you find a kidney donor soon.Amen. So whats next for you? A tour ? More music?

Candice M: Im looking forward to some upcoming DJ dates including the Smitten Boat party, the Margate Soul Festival and the Quantize Recordings anniversary party. Since releasing His Promise, producers have been contacting me regarding collaborations, I would like to release more original music as well as continuing to work on my passion project which is to release compilation albums filled with love songs.

Listen to "His Promise" here

Catch Candice on Premier Gospel's Sanctified Selection show and on Premier Praise's "Get your praise on."

Interviewed and Written by Akosua DF, Premier Gospel Presenter

Friday, 29 April 2022

Premier Gospel's Candice McKenzie pulled a "Justin Bieber" on us last week, surprising us with brand new music. We couldn't miss the opportunity to chat with the award winning DJ.
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