‘Playing God’: Science and religion in the 21st century


What would contact with intelligent aliens mean for humanity? Will doctors ever be able to cure depression with a drug? Can we bestow personhood on animals?
Nick Spencer, senior fellow at the religion and society think tank Theos, is the author of the recent book Playing God: Science, religion and the future of humanity. The book explores eight controversial questions thrown up by advances in science, including AI, aliens, gene editing, the science of immortality, animal personhood, the treatment of mental health, mass vaccination and unborn children. In this episode we unpack some of Nick’s argument in the book and think about how Christianity might be able to speak into some of these topics we will all be wrestling with throughout the rest of the 21st century.

Find out more about the book here: https://spckpublishing.co.uk/playing-god

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Released on 8 May 2024

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