Tech hype: Should Christians resist or lean into AI?


As is probably obvious from previous episodes, John is extremely interested in generative AI and thinks it will be the next transformative technology to entirely up-end how society works. Tim, however, is much more sceptical and thinks a lot of the rhetoric around AI is overblown. So, prompted by Tim sharing an AI-sceptical blog, in this episode we talk through the anatomy of a tech hype bubble, looking at previous cases such as the internet, cryptocurrency and smartphones to figure out where AI might be on the ‘S-curve’ of tech adoption. How can Christians live responsibly and faithfully through these moments, where culture is running away with itself about something new and flashy? Is it incumbent on us not to get left behind and languish in ignorance about something which could change the world? Or should we be consciously opting out of the techno-optimist hype and preferring prudent caution over giddy excitement?

• The Ed Zitron blog on AI scepticism
• Marc Andreessen’s Techno-Optimist Manifesto

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Released on 20 Mar 2024

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