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The Beatitudes

4 Oct 2023

Join Joyce in Matthew chapter 5 to discover "be-attitudes" taught and modeled by Jesus Christ. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself!

Trusting God - Part 2

29 Sep 2023

Learn how to turn off the negative thoughts in your head, trust God (even in your pain), and become spiritually renewed.

Trusting God - Part 1

28 Sep 2023

When bad things happen and it looks like God isn’t working on your behalf…don’t panic. God’s Word has some good news for you!   

Leaving the Crowd Behind - Part 2

27 Sep 2023

It's not easy to serve God when others aren't encouraging you. But are you willing to do whatever it takes to grow?

Leaving the Crowd Behind - Part 1

26 Sep 2023

Is God leading you away from "the crowd" you hang out with? Be encouraged to follow Him whatever the cost.

Faith vs Fear

25 Sep 2023

You can choose an attitude of faith! Quit letting fear control you, and start living by faith and the Word of God.

Don't Be Offended by Trouble - Part 2

22 Sep 2023

Want to learn how to trust God even when you have a problem? Today, Joyce shares relatable stories you can learn from.

Don't Be Offended by Trouble - Part 1

21 Sep 2023

When you are deeply rooted in faith, you can stay peaceful even in troubling circumstances. Learn how to develop deeper roots.

Resist the Devil and He Will Flee - Part 2

20 Sep 2023

God's plans for you are greater than you know! Today, Joyce talks about the promises of God and how to get to where He's leading you.

Resist the Devil and He Will Flee - Part 1

19 Sep 2023

Living by Christ's example allows us to experience the supernatural power and blessing of God. Discover the power of Christ in you!

Developing Godly Character - Part 6

18 Sep 2023

We grow in Christ when we come to the understanding that no matter what happens, God is always good. Receive this truth today and so much more as Joyce wraps up her series on developing godly character.

Developing Godly Character – Part 5

15 Sep 2023

Developing your faith is a privilege. Today, Joyce discusses the beauty of faith, and how to grow your faith as you endeavor to be more and more like Christ.

Developing Godly Character – Part 4

14 Sep 2023

It's difficult to make spiritual progress when you live in deception. Today, discover the key to personal transformation as you embrace the truth about yourself.

Developing Godly Character – Part 3

13 Sep 2023

God does not cause our suffering, but He is pleased when we react toward trouble in the right way. Today, Joyce continues teaching on ways to develop godly character.

Developing Godly Character - Part 2

12 Sep 2023

Do you know who you are in Christ? Be encouraged today as Joyce discusses the importance of receiving God's forgiveness, mercy, and so much more!