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Life Is What You Make It – Part 6

20 Jun 2024

God loves us so much and He wants everyone to enjoy the life they have. Today, Joyce teaches on how to make the most of your life, every single day.

Life Is What You Make It – Part 5

19 Jun 2024

God wants everyone to have a good life, but a lot of it depends on our attitudes! Today, Joyce shares ways to make the most of the life we have, and enjoy every day, no matter what.

Life Is What You Make It – Part 4

18 Jun 2024

Are your first thoughts of every day positive or negative? Today, Joyce discusses the options we have as Jesus followers as to whether we will enjoy the day...or not.

Life Is What You Make It – Part 3

17 Jun 2024

Do you know what to do when self-pity begins to creep in? Today, Joyce discusses ways to win the battle against whatever it is that's trying to steal your joy.

I'm in a Hurry and God's Not

14 Jun 2024

Waiting is a part of life, so we might as well learn to embrace it God's way! Learn how to be peaceful and content without having all the answers.

Life Is What You Make It – Part 2

13 Jun 2024

When trouble comes, how do you handle it? Today, Joyce shares the right ways...and the wrong navigate the more difficult roads in life.

Life Is What You Make It - Part 1

12 Jun 2024

The Bible tells us plainly that God wants us to have and enjoy a good life. Today, Joyce teaches out of John 10:10. Don't miss this important message on how to enjoy your life.

How Thoughts Affect Marriage – Part 2

11 Jun 2024

Have you ever considered asking God to show you how your thoughts are affecting your marriage? Dave Meyer joins Joyce, Ginger, and Erin to discuss how your thoughts matter when it comes to your spouse.

How Thoughts Affect Marriage - Part 1

10 Jun 2024

Calling all married folks! Today, Dave Meyer joins Joyce, Ginger, and Erin on the pink couch for a lively discussion on the various ways your thoughts can affect your marriage.

Stand Strong in Every Season

7 Jun 2024

What does it mean to stand firm in your faith...and can you do it? Joyce shares examples from God's Word and real life to encourage you.

Heaven Is My Home - Part 2

6 Jun 2024

What will it be like to live in heaven? Today, Joyce shares about the ways of this world and what we can do to prepare for eternity.

Heaven Is My Home - Part 1

5 Jun 2024

It's not always easy to be content. If you've been struggling in this area, let God's Word help you turn your attitude around.

Staying in Your Own Lane - Part 2

4 Jun 2024

God doesn't want us to be envious of other people's gifts. Today, Joyce shares a message intended to help you value the gifts God has given you.

Staying in Your Own Lane - Part 1

3 Jun 2024

Need help discovering your purpose in life? Today, Joyce shares scriptures and true stories to help you find lasting fulfillment.

It's Time to Push - Part 2

31 May 2024

Today Joyce shares what it means to be faithful. Learn how you can display this fruit of the Spirit in your daily life.

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