Nomad Podcast

For over a decade Nomad Podcast has been hosting conversations with theologians, activists and contemplatives from across the Christian spectrum and beyond. Reflecting on our evangelical heritage we explore the possibilities of a more inclusive, generous and hopeful faith.

ChatGPT - In AI We Trust? (N305)

22 Sep 2023

In this episode we speak with a non-human guest: the AI chatbot, ChatGPT. We quiz ChatGPT on the ethical complexities and moral implications of weaving AI into our lives and spiritual journeys. We discuss what safeguards need to be in place to ensure...

Nicola Slee - Abba Amma: Improvisations on the Lord's Prayer (N304)

10 Sep 2023

Reflecting on the Lord's Prayer, theologian, writer, and poet Nicola Slee delves into some of it’s problematic language, and through a process of improvisation reimagines the prayer as one that brings a universal message of hope in a world marred by....

David Blower - Farewell and Godspeed (N303)

24 Aug 2023

Well, this is it. After over six years of hosting, interviewing, music and creativity, David Blower is bowing out.  In his final episode Tim and David reflect on David’s nomad journey, answer listener questions, and listen to some music. And,...

Michael Frost - Deconstructing the Christian Narrative of Power (N302)

10 Aug 2023

Host of the podcast is a researcher, writer and theologian. In this episode he shares from his own experience of faith and church, as he unpicks the language that has so often been co-opted in Christian spaces to enforce power and perpetuate...

Sam Ewell - A Convivial Faith (N301)

24 Jul 2023

Theologian and community gardener Sam Ewell reflects on his years as a missionary and a neighbour, and how a radical priest called Ivan Illich led him back to the soil. After the interview, Nomad hosts David Blower and Anna Robinson ponder how the...

Claire Gilbert - Revelations of Divine Love (N300)

10 Jul 2023

During two and a half years of cancer treatment, Claire Gilbert found a spiritual companion in Julian of Norwich. We speak to Claire about her experience of writing Julian's fictional autobiography. She considers the tensions between Julian's visions...

Doug King - Spiral Dynamics, Deconstruction and the Future of Faith (N299)

23 Jun 2023

We speak with about the evolution of his faith, progressing from Christian fundamentalism to a post-Christian identity. At the heart of Doug’s understanding of this journey is the historical framework of Spiral Dynamics, a model that illuminates...

Sally Mann - Encountering the Neighbourhood (N298)

9 Jun 2023

Sally Mann has lived on the same road in East Ham that her family have lived on since the 1800s. She and Dave have worked and played with their neighbours to form all kinds of shared spaces for common life: community halls, gardens, sports fields and...

Rachel and Simon Jay - Complex Families (N297)

24 May 2023

Over the last 20 years Rachel and Simon Jay have been parents to many children through fostering and adoption as well as raising their own biological children. In this conversational episode, we listen in as they reflect on their experiences, discuss...

Brad Jersak - The Great Deconstruction (N296)

10 May 2023

We speak with author and teacher about his book , and how his dark night of the soul led him to a 12 Step program, the Eastern Orthodox Church and to a new kind of faith. Brad also reflects on the roots of what he refers to as The Great...

Olivia Jackson - Stories of Deconstructing Faith (N295)

20 Apr 2023

Frustrated at the lack of literature on faith deconstruction, carried out her own research as she sought to provide hope and solidarity to others on a similar journey. Here she talks about her own story, alongside the impact of receiving hundreds of...

Ched Myers - Easter and Empire (N294)

6 Apr 2023

In this Easter special we interviewed the theologian about the politics of the passion narratives, exploring what the cross and its religious atonement ideas have to do with colonialism, capitalism and the power structures we live in today. → The.....

Pete Enns - Curveballs, the Bible and Finding a Bigger God (N293)

24 Mar 2023

We speak with Bible scholar and author, about his new book , and how he allowed his crisis of faith and deconstruction to open him up to new ways of engaging with the Bible, and to a God who was bigger and more mysterious than he could have...

Carmen Acevedo Butcher - Practice of the Presence (N292)

10 Mar 2023

In this episode we speak with award-winning translator . Carmen’s latest work is a new, inclusive translation of Brother Lawrence’s classic . Brother Lawrence was a poor, uneducated, disabled monk who worked in a monastery kitchen, who found the...

Gareth Higgins - The Stories We Tell Ourselves (N291)

24 Feb 2023

Growing up during the northern Ireland Troubles, author experienced some of the devastation stories can effect on individuals and communities. He joins us to talk about his subsequent development and growth, reflecting on the role of story telling.....