Nomad Podcast

For more than 15 years Nomad Podcast has been hosting conversations with theologians, activists and contemplatives from across the Christian spectrum and beyond. Reflecting on our evangelical heritage we explore the possibilities of a more inclusive, generous and hopeful faith.

David Hayward - Til Doubt Do Us Part (N320)

10 May 2024

In this episode we chat with pastor turned artist , aka Naked Pastor. David shares his journey from church leadership, through faith deconstruction, to a more expansive spirituality. The conversation focusses on David’s marriage, and how he and his.....

Anthony Reddie & Al Barrett - Deconstructing Whiteness (N319)

24 Apr 2024

Professor Anthony Reddie and Revd. Dr. Al Barrett join us for a conversation about whiteness. Weaving personal experiences with theological insights, they reflect on privilege, power, empire, race and identity, and wrestle with the need for both...

Tim Beal - Finding Hope at the End of the World (N318)

10 Apr 2024

Faced with multiple existential threats in the coming decades, professor of religion Tim Beal reflects on the possibility of human extinction and what hope might look like within that context. Tim challenges the notion of perpetual optimism,...

Vanessa Chamberlin - A Spirituality of the Land (N317)

27 Mar 2024

In this Easter devotional podcast, Vanessa Chamberlin reflects on biblical narratives and personal mystical experiences as she navigates the intersection of theology, art, and ecological consciousness. Following Vanessa’s reflection, Anna Robinson...

Selina Stone - Womanist Ways (N316)

11 Mar 2024

Theologian joins us to share her experience of growing up in a black Pentecostal church, the questions and doubts she wrestled with, and the answers she found in womanist theology. Among other things, Selina reflects on the limitations of traditiona...

Mark Karris - Healing From Hell (N315)

23 Feb 2024

Therapist and author joins us to discuss religious trauma and the path to healing. Drawing on his own personal experiences and professional insights as a therapist, Mark reflects on oppressive religious beliefs, in particular the doctrine of Hell,.....

Cole Arthur Riley - Black Liturgies (N314)

9 Feb 2024

Poet and author joins us to talk about her desire for a spirituality that was more human and a more liberating expression of faith. This journey led to the emergence of . From prayers and poetry to breath practices and ancestral writings, this...

Bethany Sollereder - Animal Suffering and the Love of God (N313)

24 Jan 2024

In this podcast theologian and author Bethany Sollereder explores the complex intersection of animal suffering, the evolutionary process and divine love. She reflects on God's role in the face of suffering, the possibility of redemption for non-human...

Rachel Held Evans - Losing My Evangelical Religion [Revisited] (N312)

8 Jan 2024

To kick off 2024 we thought we’d share a Nomad Revisited episode with you. Each month on Revisited Tim and Nick raid the Nomad archives, dust off an old interview, and ponder where their faith was then, where it is now, and what influences shaped...

A Spirituality of the Womb (N311)

20 Dec 2023

In this Christmas devotional podcast, explores the symbolism of the Black Madonna. In times of dysregulation and uncertainty, the Black Madonna has provided Christena a powerful symbol of love, nurture and connection, allowing her to move from a...

Christmas Q&A (N310)

8 Dec 2023

In this special seasonal episode, all the Nomad hosts come together for a Q&A to infuse your holidays with festive cheer. As a thank you to our beloved listeners whose financial support made this year's 24 Nomad episodes possible, we've gathered....

Jay Hulme - A Queer Journey of Saints and Sanctuaries (N309)

24 Nov 2023

Author and poet joins us to talk about his literal and metaphorical search to connect with a variety of ancient and eccentric saintly figures. Weaving together themes of wilderness, faith, sexuality and decay, Jay speaks of the connections he...

Dana Hicks - Reimagining Marriage (N308)

9 Nov 2023

In this episode former pastor guides us through the evolving landscape of marriage and relationships. Dana explores how our cultural perceptions of marriage are shifting and challenging established norms, and ponders the relevance of biblical images...

Ilia Delio - The Primacy of Love (N307)

24 Oct 2023

In this episode we’re joined by Franciscan sister and theologian Ilia Delio. Ilia guides us through the intersection of science, spirituality, and love. We explore the concept of God's love as a fundamental force in the cosmos, existing at the heart....

Lindsay Munroe - Sexuality After Purity Culture (N306)

10 Oct 2023

As part of her personal spiritual journey and theological master's research, invited a group of women to explore the impact of purity culture on their sexuality. We invite her to discuss what she discovered, about the harm inflicted by this ideology...