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The Urban Alternative is the national ministry of Dr. Tony Evans and is dedicated to restoring hope and transforming lives through the proclamation and application of the Word of God.

The Secret of Jesus' Success

29 Sep 2023

What makes a successful people successful? Well, if you’re talking about corporate giants, there are plenty of books on the market. But if you’re talking about Jesus, there’s only one book with the answer. In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will take us...

The Triumph of Faith, Part 2

28 Sep 2023

The Bible tells us that faith is the evidence of things we don’t see. Well, Dr. Tony Evans will review some of that evidence as he brings us a lesson about the kinds of trials and triumphs we experience when we truly believe. To support this ministr...

The Triumph of Faith, Part 1

27 Sep 2023

Most of the time, faith makes no earthly sense. Well, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why that’s the point, as he talks about the kind of trust that can bring supernatural power to bear on our earthly problems. To support this ministry financially, visi...

Deleting Your Demons

26 Sep 2023

Dr. Tony Evans says that a lot of the problems and pain we experience are really the result of spiritual warfare going on behind the scenes of our life. In this message, he’ll reveal how you can delete your demons and experience liberation from fear,...

NAMB Podcast Episode 4 - The Church Planter

25 Sep 2023

In this message, we’ll hear a special presentation from the Start to Finish with Tony Evans podcast talking about Tony’s experience as an NBA and NFL chaplain and the impact he’s made on sports superstars like Tony Dungy and Jon Kitna. To support th...

Recovering your Purpose

22 Sep 2023

After a disaster (or even a sequence of disasters) is it really possible to lose everything? In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will have the answer as he turns to the story of Job who managed to hold onto his faith when practically everything else was...

The Verdict of Calvary

21 Sep 2023

Hunger for justice is a godly quality. But so is mercy. In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how Jesus struck a healthy balance between the two without looking for loopholes or caving in to compromise. To support this ministry financially, v...

The Benefit of Satan

20 Sep 2023

Deliveries come from all kinds of places the Postal Service, UPS, your favorite grocery store or fast-food place. But, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about the most unlikely delivery system of all: the devil himself. Could there actually be a benefit to Sa...

Case Dismissed

19 Sep 2023

Congratulations. The judgment on your life is in and the verdict is not guilty. In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how that could be true for sinful people and look at what Jesus accomplished in the courtroom of Calvary. To support this mi...

Order in the Court

18 Sep 2023

Dr. Tony Evans says that the first step toward becoming a better leader is becoming a better follower. In this message, he’ll explain how to do that by staying spiritually covered and leading your family the way God leads you. To support this minist...

The Intercession of Jesus

15 Sep 2023

Lurking behind life’s daily stresses and strains is an even bigger problem: a spiritual enemy trying to grind us into dust. Well, Dr. Tony Evans will remind us that God has set limits on Satan’s activities and demonstrate how the Lord’s love and prot...

Taking the Devil to Court

14 Sep 2023

The problem with Satan’s accusations against us is that, sometimes, they’re true. But Dr. Tony Evans says that’s where the transforming power of God’s forgiveness and redemption kick in. In this message, he’ll teach us how to turn those indictments a...

Silencing the Accuser

13 Sep 2023

Imagine yourself in a courtroom where you’re the defendant and Satan is the prosecuting attorney. Who’s winning? In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will outline a guaranteed three-part strategy for silencing the accuser as he continues his look at the a...

The Realm of the Spirit

12 Sep 2023

Every time we let the devil get the upper hand in our lives, we surrender a little bit of territory that doesn't belong to him. In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will explain that it's not too late to go back and turn those defeats into victories. To...

The Courtroom of the Kingdom

11 Sep 2023

In this message, Dr. Tony Evans will decode mysteries from the book of Daniel as he takes us on a journey into the heart of divine justice, painting a vivid picture of heaven’s courtroom and offering a fresh perspective on God’s judgment. To support...