The General Election


All of the UK will be going to the polls soon in a general election, which is expected at some point in the autumn. After a drubbing in the recent local elections, Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives are widely expected to be dumped out of office in Westminster too. And just as more and more Britons are abandoning the Tories, so too are Christians. This week we’re wondering how believers are thinking about the parties, the politicians and the policies ahead of going to the polls. Many in Westminster expect this to be a tumultuous and history-making election, but how engaged is the church this time round? Where do Christians stand on the big flashpoints and debates? Is there really any meaningful Christian vote for parties to lobby for? And what do the Christian activists in the main parties make of it all?


• Andy Flanagan, Christians in Politics
• Hannah Rich, Christians on the Left
• David Burrowes, former Tory MP and now the Conservative Christian Fellowship
• Elizabeth Jewkes, Liberal Democrat Christian Forum

Released on 20 May 2024

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