Yoga for Lent?


The latest episode of the Woman Alive podcast is out with host Tola-Doll Fisher putting the controversial topic of yoga to three guests. Is it a great way to meet God in the spiritual season of Lent or does its links with eastern religions bring too much baggage? Pauline Steenbergen is a Church of Scotland minister and author of Embody Lent...In 29 Yoga Postures. She's passionate about integrating the practice with Christian spirituality. Her book's available on amazon now and to find out more about her head over to Sherrell Moore-Tucker runs a wellness ministry using movement and acts as a Mind Body practitioner specialising in bringing wellness to those suffering with chronic pain. She also has her own podcast called Mind Body Faith. Find her at And Ruth Carpenter runs the exercise class Psalms and Stretches combining exercise with biblical meditation. She's someone with a background in dance and pilates. To learn more go to
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Released on 18 Mar 2024

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