Ask NT Wright Anything

NT (Tom) Wright is one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars and the author of many academic and lay-level books on theology and the Christian life. This fortnightly podcast connects you to NT (Tom) Wright’s thoughts and theology by allowing you to ask questions.

Presented by Justin Brierley

#222 What if I’m not really saved? (replay)

20 Jun 2024

Can We Lose Our Salvation? Join us this week as Tom addresses common doubts that crop up time and again from our listener's questions. Do you ever question if you can lose your salvation? Feel unworthy to be a disciple of Jesus? Wonder if you might t...

#221 Big Questions for Tom from Children: why did God make mosquitos? why does this world suffer?! did God create hell? (replay)

13 Jun 2024

Tom answers children's questions on today's show and tackles some of the ways we talk to children about tricky things like suffering and hell (and mosquitos!) 🦟. Plus, we talk about parenting 🤝 and the role of discipling children and young people....

#219 Understanding the Concept of Satan in the Bible (Replay)

6 Jun 2024

Tom answers listeners questions on the question of Satan and the powers of evil. Are we supposed to believe in a literal Satan? Explore with Tom Wright in today's episode of Ask NT Wright Anything what the New and Old Testaments say about the devil,...

#219 Title Why don’t I hear from God any more? (Replay)

30 May 2024

Join Tom today as he sits down to answer a fresh batch of questions from listeners who are having trouble hearing from God. Nicole asks why 'Ask and you shall receive' doesn't seem to work in practise? Shelagh says she doesn't hear from God the way s...

#217 Dear Tom: I've got questions about Marriage (Replay)

2 May 2024

Tom delves into the complexities of marriage, addressing personal and burning questions from our listeners. From pondering the nature of married relationships in the new creation to offering advice for those on the brink of tying the knot, Tom brings...

#216 Title Dear Tom: What does the Bible say about the Spiritual Gifts?

25 Apr 2024

Tom discusses the relevance of spiritual gifts like prophecy and speaking in tongues within our modern context, dives into the significance of signs and wonders, and shares his personal encounters with the Holy Spirit. Another intriguing episode delv...

#215 Should we take the devil seriously?

18 Apr 2024

A bit of a twist today as we answer listener's questions that have come in asking: are we meant to take Satan literally? Join Tom Wright as he unravels some of the intricate threads of the New and Old Testaments to uncover the biblical portrayal of t...

#214 Is the Old Testament history or metaphor? (Replay)

11 Apr 2024

Tom answers listener questions about the Old Testament. Can the truly trust the Old Testament? When was it all written? Is the Old Testament more spiritual metaphor or natural history? How do we make sense of the Old Testament teachings in light of t...

#213 Which Bible Translation is the best one? (Replay)

4 Apr 2024

Listeners ask questions on which Bible translations we should deem as the best ones and which ones we should use on a daily basis. What makes a good translation, why doesn’t Tom capitalise ‘holy spirit’, and what does he make of Pope Francis ‘changin...

#212 The New Testament in its World with special guest and co-author Mike Bird

28 Mar 2024

Today's episode features a special guest - renowned Australian Bible scholar, co-authored and friend of Tom's, Mike Bird. Together, they delve into their groundbreaking collaborative work, "The New Testament in its World: An introduction to the histo...

#211 Singleness, dating and being unequally yoked. Should christians date non-christians? What's the point of it all? Puzzled and pastoral questions this week with Tom

21 Mar 2024

Help! I am a new christian and I'm worried I'm unequally yoked in my relationship? What is the biblical view of singleness? Should Christians date non Christians? Was Jesus at my mother’s deathbed? What’s the point of it all? In this episode Tom ans...

#209 Israel and the Second Coming (Replay)

7 Mar 2024

How should Christians think about the place of Israel today? Do the Jewish people still have a distinct role in God’s purposes? The Bible says Jesus will return ‘soon’, so why hasn’t he? These and more listener questions get addressed by Tom Wright...

#210 The Problem of Evil and Suffering: questions with NT Wright (Replay)

7 Mar 2024

In today's Episode theologian and historian Tom Wright looks at listener questions on one of the biggest topics and questions the Christian faith faces today. What is the nature of free will, does Christianity truly offer an answer to the problem of...

#208 Questions about Doctrine, the Trinity and Baptism

29 Feb 2024

What is the doctrine of the Trinity? Is the Trinity key to being a Christian? Is the doctrine of Baptism an essential? And should we be baptised if we've been christened? Tom Wright addresses these questions and more in this episode. This episode...

#207 Conversations about the afterlife with Tom Wright

22 Feb 2024

Heaven and Hell are the topic of today's podcast with Tom Wright answering your questions about the afterlife., What is the nature of hell and what does Tom believe about it? What can be said about annihilationist or universalist views? If our loved...

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