Ask NT Wright Anything

NT (Tom) Wright is one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars and the author of many academic and lay-level books on theology and the Christian life. This fortnightly podcast connects you to NT (Tom) Wright’s thoughts and theology by allowing you to ask questions.

Presented by Justin Brierley

#187 NT Wright livestream Q&A (Replay)

28 Sep 2023

From 2020: Tom Wright talks about his new book ‘God and the Pandemic’ and takes a variety of live listener questions in this livestream edition of the show. Justin and Lucy Brierley ask Tom questions on racism, other religions, the problem of sufferi...

#186 Has the resurrection been debunked? (Replay)

21 Sep 2023

From 2020: It’s Eastertide so Tom is answering questions on the resurrection, including one listener who believes that the evidence of the women at the empty tomb has been debunked by modern scholarship. • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything p...

#185 Questions on Crucifixion and Atonement (Replay)

14 Sep 2023

From the archives: Just in time for Easter we bring you a show (recorded before lockdown) in which Tom answers listener questions on the crucifixion, the nature of atonement and forgiveness. • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast: https...

#184 An Evening With NT Wright live in London (Replay)

7 Sep 2023

From the archives, from 2020: In a bonus podcast special we bring you ‘An Evening with NT Wright’, hosted by SPCK and recorded live at Westminster Chapel London with an audience Q&A. Tom speaks on ‘Jesus, Paul & the question of God’ before e...

#183 Pastoral questions on porn, personal tragedy and coming back to faith (Replay)

31 Aug 2023

From March 2020: Tom answers listener’s pastoral questions including a man racked by guilt over whether his wife’s miscarriages were a judgment on his porn addiction, a family wrestling with the death of a family member, and someone on a journey back...

#182 Questions about marriage and divorce (Replay)

24 Aug 2023

From Feb 2020: Tom answers listener questions about marriage including:  What will our married relationships look like in the new creation? What advice do you have for someone about to get married? What do you think about divorce? Can I get married t...

#181 The charismatic gifts of the Spirit (Replay)

17 Aug 2023

From Jan 2020: Tom answers question on whether gifts of prophecy and tongues are for today, the roles of signs and wonders, and talks about his own experience of the Holy Spirit. • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast:

#180 Satan and the powers of evil (Replay)

10 Aug 2023

From Jan 2020: Are we supposed to believe in a literal Satan? What do the New and Old Testament say about the devil? In what ways does Jesus counter the forces of evil in his ministry and at the cross? • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything pod...

#179 Can I trust the Old Testament? (Replay)

3 Aug 2023

From Dec 2019: Tom answers questions about when the Book of Daniel was written, is the book of Job historical and does studying the Old Testament undermine faith?    • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright Anything podcast:

#178 Bible Translations and Controversies (Replay)

27 Jul 2023

From Dec 2019: Listeners ask questions on which Bible translations are best and Tom’s own translation of scripture ‘The Bible For Everyone’. What makes a good translation, why doesn’t Tom capitalise ‘holy spirit’, and what does he make of Pope Franc...

#177 Am I Unequally Yoked? (Replay)

20 Jul 2023

From Sept 2019: Am I unequally yoked to my wife? What’s the biblical view of singleness? Was Jesus at my mother’s deathbed? What’s the point of it all? Tom answers the personal, pastoral and puzzled questions of listeners. • Subscribe to the Ask...

#176 Free will and Problem of Evil (Replay)

13 Jul 2023

From Sept 2019: An atheist listener asks a question about free will and the problem of evil. Will it be possible for there to be another ‘fall’ in the new creation? And the hosts of the Libertarian Christian Podcast have some questions for Tom about...

#175 Pastor losing faith writes in; personal Questions; Tom plays guitar! (replay)

6 Jul 2023

Replay from June 2019: In a special pastoral Q&A edition Tom responded to various questions on difficult family situations, unforgiveness and a church pastor who doesn’t know if he believes any more.  Plus, Tom whips out the guitar again for a L...

#174 Do I have to agree with St Paul? (replay)

29 Jun 2023

From July 2020. Tom answered listener questions on the life of the Apostle Paul, whether he wrote all the letters attributed to him, and whether contemporary Christians need to agree with all the views he gives. • Subscribe to the Ask NT Wright...

#173 Will there be animals in heaven? (replay)

22 Jun 2023

​ From June 2020. Tom answered listener questions on heaven and new creation. Will free will still exist? Do near Death Experiences tell us anything about it? Will we be reunited with our loved ones… and even our pets? • Subscribe to the A...