Billy Graham Sermons

A selection of some of Billy Graham's most memorable sermons, preached in churches. halls and stadiums all over the world.


22 Jun 2023

Serve God or serve the devil; choose life or choose death. That's the theme of this sermon based on Joshua 24:15.


22 Jun 2023

Recorded live in Denver, Colorado, Billy's sermon on overcoming loneliness is based on Psalm 102:6.

The Blood of Jesus

22 Jun 2023

Recorded live at the Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, Billy preaches based on 2 Chronicles.

Three Things You Cannot Do Without

22 Jun 2023

The Holy Spirit and You

22 Jun 2023

Billy preaches on John 14:16-18

How to Live the Christian Life

22 Jun 2023

Recorded live in New York's Madison Square Garden, Billy preaches on Acts 11:26. Featuring music by George Beverly Shea.

The Value of a Soul

22 Jun 2023

Billy preaches on the "real you", suffering and the cost of following Jesus, based on Mark chapter 8. Recorded in 1986.

Who is Jesus?

22 Jun 2023

A sermon Billy preached in Chicago in 1971, based on Luke 11:29.

Reaping What You Sow

22 Jun 2023

Live in Fargo, North Dakota, Billy preaches on sowing and reaping, based on Romans 6:17 and Galatians 6:7.