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Cassandra Maria is here to edify, entertain and encourage you all the way through your evenings! Accompanied by interviews with imcredible Christian creatives, as well as debates, discussions and the like, Cass has surely got you covered so sit back and relax as she shares some comical quips, sound advice and puts you on to some amazing Christian music.

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NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS: Naffymar reveals the music produce she fights with the MOST

12 Jul 2024

Naffymar joins Cass to talk about her new single with Prince Davids 'Nothing', as well as talking about her love for God, fighting with producers and what 'Nothing' means.

Viral tube singer Gabriela shares why not everyone should take up singing on the underground

11 Jul 2024

Gabriela has gone viral online after sharing videos of her worshipping on the underground. In this conversation with Cassandra she shares how she got started, some of the good and bad responses she's had and why not everyone should follow in her footsteps.

NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS: The strangest place Christian R&B artist Kaye-Marie has written a song...

4 Jul 2024

Kaye-Marie is one of the UK's most exciting Christian R&B artists, with her 2023 single 'Lives In You' racing up over 400,000 streams. In this interview with Cassandra, Kaye-Marie talks about battling dark times, her new single 'Who You Are', and shares the strangest place she's ever written a song. Trigger warning: in this conversation Kaye-Marie discusses overcoming suicidal thoughts.

How God helps men become better fathers and understand what it is to be a man

14 Jun 2024

Antonio Henry, founder of MADE CIC, joined Cassandra to discuss how he helps the men in the community he's built. what Jesus has taught him about being a man and how he navigates fatherhood to ensure he's the best he can be for his children. To find out more about MADE CIC and they work they do to ensure diverse educators and mentors visit: https://madecic.com

Men's Health Awareness Week: why we shouldn't always rush to help men

13 Jun 2024

This week for Mens Health Awareness Week Cassandra Maria spoke with the director of SOLVE, an organisation that helps prevent youth violence and conflict through training and support, transformational speaker and mentor Craig Pinkney about the pressures surrounding men, being a role model and why we shouldn't always rush to help men who may be going through a difficult time. You can find out more about Craig and SOLVE here: https://solvecyvc.com/team-solve-cyvc

How do we forgive others or ourselves if we've done something wrong?

30 May 2024

In this conversation, Cassandra Maria talks with Yvette McDonald about how she forgave her abuser and how she encourages others to forgive those who have hurt them, or, themselves if they've done things that have hurt others. Warning: this conversation contains graphic details of sexual abuse.

If we're depressed does it mean we're far from God?

16 May 2024

For Mental Health Awareness week, Cassandra spoke with Inside Out Wellbeing about how to take care of our mental health, what some of the stigmas are around getting help and whether you're far from God if you find yourself struggling.

Viral choir talk about how they almost gave up

27 Apr 2024

The Unveiled, based in Zimbabwe, have touched millions across the world with their music, but they almost weren't to be. In this interview Cassandra talks with choir director Josh and member Ashley about what almost made them give up, their music origins and how embracing their culture was something that changed their lives.

A Christian therapists advice on how to effectively manage stress

19 Apr 2024

April in the UK is Stress Awareness Month and in this segment Christian psychotherapist and journalist Sharnade George joined Cassandra to discuss how to recognise when we're stressed, what to do about it and when to seek help.

Music artist opens up about fears around becoming a mother

17 Apr 2024

Daphne Richardson is a Canadian music artist and minister, having toured with Calledout Music and spreading her gifting all over the world. In this candid chat with Cassandra, Daphne talks about the fears she's had in becoming a mother, how she feels we should grow in love as opposed to 'fall' in love and how exactly we can get in to Gods precious presence.

Meet and Greet: Ariel Fitz-Patrick talks music, content and how to get over heart-break

15 Mar 2024

Canadian music artist and content creator Ariel Fitz-Patrick joined Cass in a live meet and greet to talk about her music journey, growing with God and how to get over heart break.

Wande shares her dark times, a shocking confession & more

3 Jan 2024

Wande is the First Lady of Christian rap, being the first woman signed by Lecrae's Reach Records label and featuring on Michelle Obama's playlist. In this insightful chat with Cass they go deep in to her world, sharing how she gets through dark times as well as a never heard before confession.

Pita: "I woke up paralysed - I didn't want to be here"

3 Jan 2024

Pita is known for his encouraging music that touches the hearts of people all over the world - but his songs come from a very real place. In 2020 after falling asleep he woke up to find himself paralysed on one side. In this chat talks through the dark times and how he got though.

The 'sip and paint' event that might help you unearth your hidden pains

24 Nov 2023

Paint n Praise is back with another edition and here, organisers Dani and Mike talk with Cass about how deep this event can be for some attendees.

Event organiser for Black Christian singles says Black people make it harder for themselves to find love

24 Nov 2023

Blagape is a group of events that facilitate Black love and connect, whether it be for friendship, romantic or business. Christine, the founder of Blagape, joined Cass to discuss why these events were needed.