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A childhood at sea

22 May 2024

Christina Rees is a writer, speaker, preacher and priest. She joined Donna Birrell to discuss her story, including spending the majority of her childhood on a boat!

How can the church combat the mental health crisis?

22 May 2024

Pastor, author and mental health advocate Will Van Der Hart joined Donna Birrell to answer your personal and tricky questions on mental health!

Potential signs of slavery and exploitation in your town!

21 May 2024

Antoinette Daniel is the founder of Just Helpers, an award-winning cleaning business that always pays its workers a real living wage. She joined Donna Birrell to tell her about her story and the shocking discovery she made about some of the workers we might take for granted in our own homes!

A dramatic story of healing and salvation!

20 May 2024

Stephanie McKittrick joined Madeline to tell her powerful story of overcoming abuse, the loss of a child, attempted suicide, and many health complications to become a follower of Jesus. If you have been affected by any of the topics brought up in this conversation, you can call Premier Lifeline at 0300 111 0101 (open 9 am to 5 am)

Asking an evangelist anything on discipleship

20 May 2024

Stephen McQuoid returned to Faith, Hope and Love with Madeline Kerzner to answer your questions on Discipleship!

Can movement affect our spirituality?

17 May 2024

Dr Shaun Lambert joined Fiona Stewart for Mental Health Awareness Week, where the theme was 'Movement'!

The discrimination I faced in India prepared me to fight it in the UK!

17 May 2024

The Rt Revd Canon Dr Anderson Jeremiah is the first Dalit and the first clergyperson ordained in the Church of Southern India to be appointed Bishop in the Church of England. He joined Fiona Stewart to discuss his life and how God used his Dalit origins to prepare him for his work in the UK.

Are Christian relationships affected by the secular world?

16 May 2024

Dr Kathrine McAleese, author, coach and sociologist, joined Fiona Stewart to tackle the topic of how the Church could be hijacked by the views and beliefs of the world and what we can do to get it back. You can find more from Kathrine here:

Key ways you can evangelise this summer

15 May 2024

Sammy Jordan is a natural-born evangelist; she joined Donna Birrell to help us find new, innovative ways to reach people in our local communities.

How to become more prophetic!

15 May 2024

Have you ever wondered how a prophet becomes a prophet? Hellie Brunt joined Donna Birrell to discuss her story, hearing God's voice and even putting on a prophetic workshop!

"I turned down thousands in brand deals the moment I was saved"

14 May 2024

Ged Armstrong is a TikTok influencer turned evangelist who was brought up on a council estate in Belfast. Having achieved celebrity status overnight, he thought he had gotten everything he wanted: success, money, admiration. But it was obvious that something was missing.. he joined Donna to tell his powerful story and how he had given it all up for God.

The death of my daughter led to the start of my healing ministry

14 May 2024

Jo Naughton joined Donna Birrell to discuss grief, loss and the moment that God allowed her to grieve and move on. She also helped respond to listener questions on grief to help them in their situations.

If we have free will, why does God pick the moment we are saved?

13 May 2024

That question and many more were answered on this instalment of Faith, Hope and Love. Premier's Madeleine Kerzner was joined by theologian and pastor Alasdair Black to answer your difficult questions!

Stories of modern day resurrection!

13 May 2024

Do you believe in miracles? Julia Stevens, after feeling called to write an account of resurrections, joins Mal Pope to discuss her findings in her new book, Raised Up!

The "Vital Signs" that could reveal if your church is thriving

13 May 2024

Ken Benjamin joined Premier's Mal Pope to discuss how we should be investing in "whole-life" discipleship in the UK church. Find his new book, Vital Signs, on