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TV Gladiator ACE came to faith in Jesus

29 Nov 2023

Warren Furman was popular TV Gladiator ACE, but an invitation to church changed his outlook on fame and his body building career.

How to evangelise effectively this Christmas.

29 Nov 2023

Rev Greg Downes shares his thoughts on whether people are ripe to come to faith this time of year and answers your questions.

Should we be cautious of Mary this advent?

27 Nov 2023

Dr Amy Orr Ewing has written a new book called ‘Mary’s Voice’ and helps us learn from Mary’s joy, boldness, faith and courage in the midst of challenge.

How not to mess up your kids!

27 Nov 2023

Christian Clinical Child Psychologist Dr Eli Gardner shares thoughts on parenting and parenting courses. For more from Eli, head to

Dream interpretation - God speaks through dreams

23 Nov 2023

Tony and Dwee Cooke, of The Dream Academy reflect on the role of dreams in the Christian life and suggest what your dreams might mean. You can find them at

How to ensure your children and teens don't lose faith

22 Nov 2023

Rachel Turner, founder of Parenting for Faith, answered your questions about helping young people stay close to God....

When life doesn't turn out how you plan

22 Nov 2023

Lindz & Lucy West of Christian group LZ7 share their story of childlessness and adoption.

Living with memory loss

21 Nov 2023

Carole Pyke has amnesia due to health issues, so shares what it's like not being able to remember things or to recognise people's faces. Where has God been in the journey?

Surviving a terror attack on my church

20 Nov 2023

Margaret Attah was in church in Nigeria when people broke in shooting and with explosives. She survived the attack while 41 church congregants died. She shares her story and the impact it has had on her life and faith.

Being a Christian in Hollywood

20 Nov 2023

Grace Chim shares her story of coming to faith and entering the world of acting and singing.

Prof Tom Wright answers your questions on Romans 8

20 Nov 2023

Professor Tom Wright shares the content of his new book ‘Into the Heart of Romans’.

A conversation with Lucy Grimble

16 Nov 2023

Lucy Grimble dropped by to talk to Mal Pope (covering for Maria) about going full-time, working with Graham Kendrick and her brand new album: Between the Shadow and the Sun.

Do Christians need a life coach?

16 Nov 2023

Rob Wall is a professional life coach helping to raise up Christian entrepreneurs; he joined Mal Pope (covering for Maria) to discuss his life and give advice on ending the year well!

Does the church understand anxiety and panic attacks?

15 Nov 2023

Will van der Hart joined Mal Pope to answer your questions and comments about panic attacks and anxiety, whilst opening up about his mental health struggle...

Insights of a Prison Chaplain

15 Nov 2023

The Rev'd Canon Katy Canty joined Mal Pope (covering for Maria) to tell us her story, including how she ministered at a category A Men's Prison...