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The Kingdom Choir Special

22 May 2024

Karen Gibson from the Kingdom Choir joins Esther Higham and a host of guests for a special Inspirational Breakfast celebrating 30 years of the legendary gospel choir. They chat about championing the arts in schools, collaborating with big-name popstars, and performing at a Royal Wedding.

Covid: Did the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks?

21 May 2024

Earlier this month, AstraZeneca announced the withdrawal of its vaccine, stating that newer versions of the vaccine are more effective against the virus's new variants. Reflecting on this, one might question whether the vaccine sceptics were correct from the beginning, or if it was truly our Christian duty to participate in vaccination for the protection of the entire population. Professor Francis Davis and anti-vaccine campaigner Laura Brett discussed this topic with Premier's Esther Higham.

Why is Kirk Franklin's vest causing such a fuss?

21 May 2024

Artists Monique Thomas and Paul Lee chat with Esther Higham about Kirk Franklin's clothing controversy, the difference between worship leading and entertaining, and whether God really cares about what we wear in worship.

Is loneliness really a gift from God?

20 May 2024

Can you be surrounded by lots of people and still feel lonely? The loneliness epidemic in the UK has been called the hidden killer by experts. So, aside from trying to immediately remedy our loneliness are there spiritual lessons we can take take from it? Pastor Steve DeWitt spoke to Esther Higham.

Disability benefit reform: 'The government want to leave us to die'

20 May 2024

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced plans to reform the disability benefits system in the hopes of pushing more people into work. But what impact will this actually have on those living with disabilities day-to-day? Esther Higham spoke to author Sarah Douglas, who lives with AuDHD and is multiply disabled, about benefit fraud, "dehumanising" assessments, and how churches can be more welcoming to those with disabilities.

Dr Abel Damina: 15 years ago I stopped preaching a materialistic, transactional gospel

16 May 2024

Ahead of his 4 day conference in the UK, Senior Pastor of Power city International and CEO of Kingdom Life Network, Abel Damina shares why a revelation of Jesus is important for every believer and how it changed his ministry also.

Brian Cox is wrong about the Bible

16 May 2024

Dr Andrew Ollerton and Rev Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana chat to Esther Higham about actor Brian Cox's criticism of the Bible, whether scripture is sexist, and how the word of God offers a different vision for life.

Why are Gen-Zs more pro-Palestine?

15 May 2024

The conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas has been on for the last 7 months and the debate continues to be highly charged. With many protests by young people happening across cities and university campuses around the world, does our age, church tradition, theology or social media feed play any role in our position? Why can't Christians agree on a ceasefire? Rev Ian Paul and Janette Symes, CAFOD, spoke to Esther Higham.

Janette...ikz on her poems exposing uncomfortable truths about the Church

15 May 2024

Spoken word artist Janette...ikz chats to Premier's Max Avard about touring the world with her poems, whether anyone can be a poet, and how she uses her performances to highlight uncomfortable truths about the church.

Why do Christians struggle to practise Sunday morning sermons after church?

14 May 2024

Ken Benjamin, Director for Church Relationships at the LICC, has an idea. He spoke to Premier's Esther Higham about his new book Vital Signs and how we can build stronger discipleship in our churches.

How church liturgy can help combat OCD

14 May 2024

Author Sarah Clarkson, artist and writer Sophie Killingley, and Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya, a Consultant Psychiatrist, chat to Esther Higham about living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), why evangelical preacher John MacArthur's comments were 'pastorally dangerous', and how church liturgy can help combat compulsive behaviours.

At what age should people be called old?

13 May 2024

As more people are retiring later and living longer, when does old age actually begin? The Bible says in Psalm 92: “They will still bear fruit in old age..." but according to a recent poll, ageism is still an issue. So, how do we tell a more biblical story about getting older? Author Veronica Zundel and Revd Dr James Woodward spoke to Esther Higham.

Why you might be viewing Sabbath the wrong way

13 May 2024

Author David Hoffbrand chats to Esther Higham about making the Sabbath essential to our lives, why it's so much more than an ancient practice, and the challenge of writing his new devotional book '52 Sabbaths'.

Thy Kingdom Come: Will corporate prayer bring us closer to revival?

9 May 2024

On Pentecost Sunday thousands of young people are coming together to be led in prayer online by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York. Thy Kingdom Come invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost. So, in what ways does corporate prayer bring us closer to revival in the UK? Rev Canon Jean Kerr spoke to Esther Higham.

Why do Christian movies bomb at the box office?

9 May 2024

Martin Saunders, director of Satellites Festival, and actor Stephanie Pena chat with Esther Higham about The Book of Clarence, the difference between blasphemy and satire, and their favourite portrayals of Jesus on the big screen.