J John 10 Commandments

Canon J John counts down the ten commandments in a series of sermons full of insight and wise counsel based on each commandment - from the tenth to the first.

Episode 1

27 Jun 2023

The series begins with a hard look at materialism and some wise thoughts on money and spending, based on the tenth commandment's warning against covetousness.

Episode 2

27 Jun 2023

'Hold fast to the truth' is the theme of today's message, which is based on the ninth commandment.

Episode 3

27 Jun 2023

J John challenges us to embrace honesty, in this message based on the eighth commandment.

Episode 4

27 Jun 2023

Using the seventh commandment as a guide, J John gives advice on how to 'affair-proof' your marriage.

Episode 5

27 Jun 2023

J John offers some principles for managing one's anger in this sermon based on the sixth commandment.

Episode 6

27 Jun 2023

Some pointers on how to keep the peace with your parents (and for parents on how to set a good example to their children), based on the fifth commandment.

Episode 7

27 Jun 2023

The fourth commandment stresses the importance of rest. Here, J John uses that to encourage us to rethink our work-life balance.

Episode 8

27 Jun 2023

Today's message is titled 'Take God Seriously' and is all about the importance of names, based on the third commandment.

Episode 9

27 Jun 2023

Today's message is based on the second commandment and is simply titled 'Know God'.

Episode 10

27 Jun 2023

The Main Thing. In the final episode of the series, J John exhorts us to put God first in all we do.

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