Naked Love

Hosted by Khafi and Theo Manderson. The truth is being laid bare. It’s time to hear about real love, not just the type that is presented from the pulpit. *Contains discussions of an adult nature*

Presented by Theo Manderson

Every Sunday from 9pm on Premier Gospel

Through Baby Loss

10 Oct 2021

Sadly, birth doesn’t always mean life. This Baby Loss Awareness Week, Theo and Khafi return with Season 2, inviting Zainab and Junior Omokhe to share the story of their daughter, Noa. How did their baby’s death affect their family outlook, was intima...

Naked Trust

11 Jul 2021

Can a relationship survive without 100% trust? And once a mistake has been made, is it sensible to adopt the mantra, “once bitten twice shy”, or should we forgive “seventy times seven” as told by Jesus? This week Khafi and Theo share personal stories...

Naked Attraction

4 Jul 2021

They say that ‘love is blind’, but what if your partner doesn’t resemble the person that you first met - The weight has piled on, the wig keeps slipping and the legs are hairy! How much should appearance play a role within our relationships and is th...

Naked Boundaries

27 Jun 2021

Should you hold hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or is that a slippery slope to physical temptation? How much of your marriage should you share with your friends? And can speaking about your future plans lead to ill intent from others? Khafi...

Naked Sex Toys

20 Jun 2021

WARNING…THE CONTENTS OF THIS EPISODE INCLUDE DISCUSSIONS OF AN ADULT NATURE   Christians, talking about sex toys?!...YES! This week, Theo and Khafi talk about their role within a marriage. Do they violate what the Bible says about sex, or is fun in t...

Naked Offspring

13 Jun 2021

God said to Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply”, but what does that mean for married couples in 2021? Should couples wait until ‘their house’ is in order, or should they throw out the contraception and trust in God’s providence? But what if the...

Naked Finances

6 Jun 2021

Is it possible to be in a loving relationship and not know the ins and outs of your partner’s bank account? “The love of money is the root of all evil”, so is it surprising that finances are one of the top reasons for relationship breakdown? Khafi an...

Naked Love Languages

30 May 2021

To have and to hold…and buy gifts, and affirm, and spend time, and to help round the home! Apparently, love can be shown in 5 different ways, but what if your partner sees your loving gifts as a waste of money? Theo and Khafi explore the importance o...

Naked Black Love

23 May 2021

As we mark the first anniversary of George Floyd’s killing, in a year when the world has woken up to racism, Theo and Khafi discuss what Black Love means. The media have often tried to present a stereotype that Black fathers are absent and Black moth...

Naked Intimacy

16 May 2021

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage…But is there more to intimacy than bringing forth children? And what if your spouse is too busy/tired/distracted [insert excuse here] to be intimate…Does it really matter? In...

Naked Marriage

4 May 2021

Marriage is something that many desire – But do you actually understand what it means to be married? Should wives submit? Are you really expected to wait to do the deed? And as Christians, what is better…To live separate lives when the marriage break...

Official Trailer - The Naked Love Podcast

4 May 2021

A brand new weekly podcast hosted by Khafi aka A Cup of Khafi and Theo Manderson. The PC filter has been turned off and the truth is being laid bare. It’s time to hear about real love, not just the type that is presented from the pulpit…It’s time for...