Naked Love

Hosted by Khafi and Theo Manderson. The truth is being laid bare. It’s time to hear about real love, not just the type that is presented from the pulpit. *Contains discussions of an adult nature*

Presented by Theo Manderson

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Baby Love

12 Dec 2021

In this last episode of Season 2 of The Naked Love Podcast, Theo and Khafi chat to worship leader and recording artist, Elle Limebear and her husband Tom Limebear as they let off steam, put down the nappies and unpack the first few months of parentho...

Claiming Singlehood

5 Dec 2021

Are you single? Are you fit and single? Are you fit, high flying and single? Are you fit, high flying, Jesus believing and STILL single?? Why?!? And crucially, does it matter? On this week’s episode, Theo and Khafi are joined by Singlehood Coach, Dr...

Forming a Blended Family

28 Nov 2021

When you pray for a spouse, do you pray that they come with 2 kids, an ex, your ex’s family and a former family dog? Possibly not. But this extra luggage is becoming more and more normal as the ‘nuclear family’ becomes a thing of the past and the ‘bl...

Infidelity Made Us Stronger

21 Nov 2021

The 7th Commandment says “Thou shall not commit adultery”, so it must be a serious sin! But as we know, even God fearing people can fall into this trap. Adaeze Chiwoko, Founder of Marriage4Real, took her husband’s phone and had just seconds to look f...

Rising from Domestic Abuse

14 Nov 2021

This week’s guest not only has The Voice to turn chairs, but also the strength to turn her life around. Singing sensation, Michelle John, joins Theo and Khafi to talk about years of domestic abuse at the hands of her now ex-husband. But rather than s...

Widowed Young: “In Sickness and in Health”

7 Nov 2021

Many couples on their wedding day say the traditional vow, that they will love their spouse ‘in sickness and in health’ – But what do you do when your spouse falls terminally ill just a few years into your marriage? Ibim Tumini Banigo opens her heart...

Sex Tips & Sex Blips

31 Oct 2021

There is A LOT of ‘sex’ talk in this episode! But it’s refreshingly pure and practical. Best-selling Author and Blogger, Sheila Wray Gregoire, joins Theo & Khafi to pull off the duvet and expose the beauty behind sex and intimacy. But in doing so...

Fever Pitch: Football, Wives & Faith

24 Oct 2021

Is a footballer good at playing the game or better at playing the field, metaphorically speaking? The media like us to think that football and infidelity go hand in hand but one couple are bucking the trend. John Bostock, Founder of BallersInGod and...

Sexy Virgin – Chastity & Attraction

17 Oct 2021

Theo and Khafi are joined by Gospel Rapper, Faith Child and his fiancée Viviane, for an entertaining and brutally honest chat about chastity and how they are managing it as they prepare for marriage – Including a 4-way heated debate about women and t...

Through Baby Loss

10 Oct 2021

Sadly, birth doesn’t always mean life. This Baby Loss Awareness Week, Theo and Khafi return with Season 2, inviting Zainab and Junior Omokhe to share the story of their daughter, Noa. How did their baby’s death affect their family outlook, was intima...

Naked Trust

11 Jul 2021

Can a relationship survive without 100% trust? And once a mistake has been made, is it sensible to adopt the mantra, “once bitten twice shy”, or should we forgive “seventy times seven” as told by Jesus? This week Khafi and Theo share personal stories...

Naked Attraction

4 Jul 2021

They say that ‘love is blind’, but what if your partner doesn’t resemble the person that you first met - The weight has piled on, the wig keeps slipping and the legs are hairy! How much should appearance play a role within our relationships and is th...

Naked Boundaries

27 Jun 2021

Should you hold hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or is that a slippery slope to physical temptation? How much of your marriage should you share with your friends? And can speaking about your future plans lead to ill intent from others? Khafi...

Naked Sex Toys

20 Jun 2021

WARNING…THE CONTENTS OF THIS EPISODE INCLUDE DISCUSSIONS OF AN ADULT NATURE   Christians, talking about sex toys?!...YES! This week, Theo and Khafi talk about their role within a marriage. Do they violate what the Bible says about sex, or is fun in t...

Naked Offspring

13 Jun 2021

God said to Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply”, but what does that mean for married couples in 2021? Should couples wait until ‘their house’ is in order, or should they throw out the contraception and trust in God’s providence? But what if the...