The consultation and the compromise: Gay marriage and the Baptist Union


It is not just the Church of England and the Catholic Church which has been wrestling with divisions over same-sex marriage in recent years. The Baptist Union is also split between those who believe God affirms gay marriage and those who hold to a traditional opposition to it. Yet unlike other denominations, the Baptists have come recently to an interesting compromise. Individual congregations are at liberty to host same-sex weddings or not to, according to their consciences. But gay Baptist ministers will not be allowed to themselves enter same-sex marriages. What has led the Baptists to this unusual position? Could it be a solution other denominations should explore? And, can this settlement hold into the future?

• Ashley Hardingham, affirming Baptist minister
• Chris Goswami, traditionalist Baptist minister
• Mark Woods, Baptist minister, writer and formerly editor of the Bapist Times

Released on 15 Apr 2024

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