The future of children's ministry


It’s not just a toddler group. Emphasis on the ‘just’. That’s the title and message of a new report which urges churches to take their midweek parents and toddler groups more seriously. These groups are not just about toys on mats and beakers of juice for tired mums, but vital for children’s flourishing and also for drawing families into the wider church community. The report is one of a number of recent initiatives trying to reignite ministry with children, which had been hammered by the pandemic, where lots of young people lost touch with the church during lockdown and never came back. How we are doing at relaunching children’s ministry since then? Is it properly integrated with the rest of our church lives? And what about those thousands of churches that don’t really have any young people any more? Is Christianity becoming a religion for grown-ups only?

I’m Tim Wyatt and you’re listening to the Premier Christian Newscast. This week I’m joined by Emma Fowle and Sam Hailes from Premier Christianity magazine to explore ministry with young people and children, and ask what the future holds for this vital part of the church’s outreach.

Released on 22 Apr 2024

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