Simon Guillebaud

Author, speaker, social entrepreneur, family man, cyclist and charity founder, Simon Guillebaud had a very clear call to Burundi in 1999, when it was regarded as the most dangerous country on earth. Having unexpectedly survived 7 years of genocide and civil war, he set up Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) with the vision to transform Burundi and beyond through holistic mission, working with gifted local leaders of integrity. Now married with three children, he and his wife Lizzie have both been awarded an MBE for their services to Burundi.

Infanticide in the Amazon | Marcia Suzuki

28 Sep 2023

Marcia’s story is off the charts, almost un-believable in the true sense of the word. Ending up in the deepest jungle, facing gang rape, seeing a worm crawl out of her flesh, working with a naked tribe, getting infanticide outlawed in Congress in Bra...

Pure Joy! | Joy Carter

21 Sep 2023

Comedian Joy Carter was found next to her dead sister in the Biafran war, and adopted by a wonderful British couple. She was bullied mercilessly at school for being a different colour and had to work through many issues as she moved into adulthood. P...

New Age Demons | Guy Lynton

14 Sep 2023

Guy’s spiritual search for truth involved Ouija boards, Reiki, psychedelic drugs and more. In a crowded cell in a Zambian prison, he started reading the Bible, and slowly his path to deliverance and freedom opened up. It’s an amazing story, which wil...

Back to Basics | Phil Moore

7 Sep 2023

Phil was a ‘successful’ respected, high-profile pastor leading a growing multi-site church in London… and then the Covid pandemic forced him into a costly, radical and liberating reassessment of what church should look like. Warning: this is very cha...

From Death to Life | Gram Seed

31 Aug 2023

Gram was a football hooligan, a regular in prison, an addict and ultimately a destitute tramp, which led to him being in a coma for six days. The doctors called his mother in to agree to switch the machine off, but before they did so she allowed two...

Flaming Healing and Deliverance! | Jan Ransom MBE

24 Aug 2023

From being Lieutenant Colonel in the army, Jan left to start up Flame International and travel the world training and empowering in healing and deliverance ministry. Her stories of beautiful power encounters are extremely inspiring, thought-provoking...

Joy Bomb | Tina Lawless

17 Aug 2023

Strap yourself in and get ready to laugh out loud as one-of-a-kind mother-of-six Tina shares multiple stories of her beautiful interactions with anybody and everybody she comes across. To see the crazy person behind the voice, it’s well worth check...

Worth Everything! | Dr Ed Michaelson

10 Aug 2023

Thrilled by missionary stories as a child, Dr Ed always thought he'd go onto the field himself, until a trip to India profoundly altered his perspective. After years sparing every personal expense to support passionate church planters in rural India,...

Hearing God's Voice | Dr Jonathan Oloyede

3 Aug 2023

Jonathan’s life is one long succession of extraordinary and specific answers to prayer. From being raised a Muslim in Nigeria to having a powerful encounter with Jesus, he came to the UK on holiday to visit his sister but is still here thirty years o...

God's Hostage | Andrew Brunson

27 Jul 2023

Dubbed by The Economist as 'the most expensive prisoner in the world', Andrew's imprisonment in Türkiye became a subject of international attention and significance. But in this interview, he shares candidly about just how difficult it was, and how e...

Soul Tears and Hope | Zoe Clark-Coates

20 Jul 2023

Zoe and husband Andy have walked a long and painful road, suffering the devastating loss of five babies, but they have found hope and healing along the way. Zoe decided to use her counselling training and twenty years of experience in the business an...

Church for the Anti-Church! | Chris Arnold

13 Jul 2023

Chris managed to hold on to faith in Jesus despite very negative church experiences. As a result, he now leads a church for people who hate church, with stunning results. Connect with Chris at: --- We've got a new Instagram...

Initiating Change in India! | Moses Paul

6 Jul 2023

When Moses went to India, he had no idea he'd end up impacting the lives of millions, be it through strategic student lectures, remote village outreach, or through the campaign of his team, which resulted in internet pornography being entirely blocke...

Hope on the Streets of Toxteth | Dave Sharples MBE

29 Jun 2023

Dave Sharples, known locally as "Captain" Dave, has been bringing the hope of Jesus to Liverpool families for nearly three decades. In 2005, Dave developed a tool for evangelism called the4points, to help share the gospel in a simple and memorable wa...

The Refugee Rocket! | Ram Gidoomal CBE

22 Jun 2023

Ram’s wealthy family had to rebuild from scratch as refugees in the UK after his Father was deported from Kenya. Arriving aged 17, and overcoming much discrimination, who could believe that years later his stratospheric trajectory would see him runni...