Simon Guillebaud

Author, speaker, social entrepreneur, family man, cyclist and charity founder, Simon Guillebaud had a very clear call to Burundi in 1999, when it was regarded as the most dangerous country on earth. Having unexpectedly survived 7 years of genocide and civil war, he set up Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) with the vision to transform Burundi and beyond through holistic mission, working with gifted local leaders of integrity. Now married with three children, he and his wife Lizzie have both been awarded an MBE for their services to Burundi.

Bright Spark | Dr Elaine Storkey

29 Feb 2024

Feminist, academic, broadcaster, philosopher, author… it’s hard to keep up with Elaine and all she has accomplished in the last eight decades. And she’s still on a roll! Listen here: Check out --- Support us: ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠greatlakes...

Myriad Miracles | John McGinley

22 Feb 2024

Wherever John went, he saw folks coming to Christ. His passion is to help others develop into disciples who are confident in the gospel. He now leads Myriad, a growing network of everyday people establishing creative expressions of church across the...

"Can I be a gay Christian?" | Sarah Segdwick

15 Feb 2024

Accidentally tuning into Premier Radio one day led to Sarah’s world being turned upside down. As founder of Transformed Ministries, she shares openly and honestly about her own journey with sexuality and identity, and offers hope and encouragement to...

The God of Tech | Ryan Collins

8 Feb 2024

Ryan Collins paints an exciting picture of the potential role that technology can play in our future. As the president of Bethel Tech, he is leading the charge in influencing and raising up legions of coders and programmers with a higher calling to i...

Gospel Entrepreneurs | Roy Crowne

1 Feb 2024

Roy always lived and thought out of the box, seeing opportunities before others around him. From installations at Alton Towers to getting Queen Elizabeth to break a decades-long precedent, he's always seeking an exciting new project, with a laugh or...

For the Underdog | Danielle Strickland

25 Jan 2024

Danielle was a juvenile delinquent in a holding cell when she had a powerful encounter with Jesus. From then on she’s always been on the side of the outcast, the vulnerable and the misunderstood. Life with her is a ‘beautiful mess’ (the title of one...

On the Front Line! | Christian Hickey

18 Jan 2024

From being a Police Officer, a Marine and a Green Beret, Christian felt compelled to quit, sell up his house and move his family to Ukraine, to use his experience and skills alongside troops on the frontline in the war against Russia. It’s an amazing...

The Dangerous Flea | David Robertson

11 Jan 2024

Dawkins banned him, and another atheist called him ‘a dangerous man’ because of his persuasive winsomeness as a gospel communicator. And after a miraculous healing from his deathbed, David is all the more passionate to take every opportunity to share...

Lost & Found | Tim Jones

4 Jan 2024

He was a high-profile pastor’s kid who went spectacularly off the rails – lost in a world of drug-taking, dealing, and deepening despair. After a failed suicide attempt, the hound of heaven tracked him down in his pigpen, and the long journey back ho...

Fearless Protector | Racheal Mutesi

28 Dec 2023

Raised in a slum, Racheal so excelled despite her circumstances that she was sponsored to go to the UK. She ended up studying at Oxford, before returning to her native Uganda to fight for the rights of sexually abused girls. It’s a mind-blowing, shoc...

Happy Christmas from Simon!

25 Dec 2023

Happy Christmas, and thank you so much for listening this year! We'd love it if you could spread the word and inspire even more people in 2024 - so could you help us by reviewing or rating us on whatever platform you listen on? Or spread the word on...

Faith Through Cancellation | Aaron Edwards

21 Dec 2023

Bible college lecturer Aaron was sacked for a tweet back in February. He shares his story of faith, from his unplanned conversion to seeing God's provision, and how things unravelled following his post. Aaron can be contacted through email at aaron....

Rebel without/with a Cause | Tarn Bright

14 Dec 2023

From being a lost wild child to becoming a child champion, Tarn Bright’s story is one of reaching rock bottom before experiencing amazing grace in a radical way. Now, having adopted two precious boys with additional needs, she’s a Mum warrior in the...

The Prodigal Punk | Lewis Lewis

7 Dec 2023

Lewis left Northern Ireland for London aged 17 with a punk band. He was an avowed atheist and hated religion. Just under four decades of debauchery, drugs and crime ensued, until an extraordinary encounter at his piano out of the blue one day. It was...

Towards Eden | Sam Ward

30 Nov 2023

Accountant Sam chose the path of downward mobility in moving onto Openshaw, one of the toughest estates in the land. With a heroin addict living on one side, and a brothel on the other, an extraordinary adventure began, which continues 23 years later...

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