Tapestry of Faith

In this 13-part series, Ged Clapson digs deep into the history of Christianity in Britain. Each episode focuses on a particular aspect of history, such as Christianity in Britain under the Saxons, when Luther challenged the authority of Rome, when King Henry VIII initiated the split of the Chruch of England from Rome, Christian life in Victorian Britain, churches in wartime Britain and the growth of Pentecostal churches in the second half of the 20th Century. Ged Clapson (20 March 1955 – 21 November 2018) Ged Clapson’s distinguished media career began in his home town of Bristol, where he worked as a radio producer and presenter with the BBC. As well as broadcasting himself, he trained others in communications and media skills, and did communications work for a number of faith-based charities. He had a keen interest in theatre and performing arts, and a love of singing and painting. Ged received a Jerusalem Award commendation for Tapestry of Faith, which was first broadcast on Premier Christian Radio in 2019.

Part 13: Signs of the Times

13 Jun 2023

Ged concludes his journey through the history of British Christianity in the second half of the twentieth century. Billy Graham’s crusades make a huge impact on Evangelicalism in Britain.

Part 12: The Spirit Moves

13 Jun 2023

Britain enters the twentieth century. Ged explores the role churches played in British society during World War 2, and the early days of religious broadcasting.

Part 11: The Gospel in Action

13 Jun 2023

We take a look at some of the Christian groups that responded to the social needs of the nineteenth century, including the Abolitionist movement and the Salvation Army.

Part 10: The British Revolutions

13 Jun 2023

Christian life in Victorian Britain. Industrialisation brings with it lots of opportunities and also several challenges.

Part 9: The Message to the Masses

13 Jun 2023

The Great Fire of London in 1666 destroys St Paul’s Cathedral. John Wesley gets on his horse and kickstarts the Methodist movement.

Part 8: To be a Pilgrim

13 Jun 2023

This episode explores Guy Fawkes’s Gunpowder Plot, Oliver Cromwell, the Civil War, the Pilgrim Fathers and the Puritans.

Part 7: Dungeon, Fire and Sword

13 Jun 2023

After Henry VIII’s death in 1547, his children – King Edward VI and Queens Mary I and Elizabeth I – preside over an era of violent persecution and destruction.

Part 6: The Great Divorce

13 Jun 2023

We’re now at the Reformation. King Henry VIII initiates the split of the Church in England from Rome, sowing the seeds for the birth of the Anglican Church.

Part 5: The Winds of Change

13 Jun 2023

In the aftermath of bubonic plague (aka “the black death”), people’s attitudes start to change – particularly towards religion and the Church. Luther challenges the authority of Rome, and John Wycliffe’s Bible translation ruffles feathers.

Part 4: Kings, Saints and Martyrs

13 Jun 2023

We enter the Norman period and take a look into Britain’s Medieval Christian history. The eleventh century was a period of intense church building in Britain.

Part 3: In Stone, and on Parchment

13 Jun 2023

Ged visits a Buckinghamshire church that’s over 1100 years old, and discovers the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Part 2: Foundation Stones

13 Jun 2023

After the Romans left Britain, the Saxons stepped in, ushering in the period known as the Dark Ages. The Celts start to develop their own Christian traditions. St Augustine arrives in Britain in 597 AD, and becomes the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

Part 1: Myths and Missions

13 Jun 2023

The series opens with Ged exploring the blossoming of Christianity in Britain when it was under Romans occupation from 43 AD to 410 AD.