Celebrating Mums


Fresh from Mothering Sunday we'll hearing from three more women who have all faced personal challenges as they bring up their children. We all have mums, so let's celebrate them and thank God for all they do for us.
We're hearing from Jade Reynolds whose been a wheelchair user from the age of 12 and now has two young children. She'll be telling us about some of the physical challenges she faces. Jade presents her own podcast with husband John called Faith and Light. Gemma Adjei lost her mother shortly after having her own child and wrote Mothering without a Mother as a way to cope with the loss. Who do you go to for all those practical questions on parenting when yours isn't there? And Missionary Carrie Jones and her husband Gavin got a shock when they had quintuplets (that's 5 children!) 9 years after their first son was born. We'll hear how that affected her parenting journey. Read more about their life on their family blog.

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Released on 11 Mar 2024

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