Why do women often feel unequal to men in the church? with Liz Cooledge Jenkins and Andy Kind


Today on Unbelievable? Andy Kind hosts the first part of an occasional series on the topic of women in the church, how women are portrayed in the Bible, and questions around women in ministry. Why do women often feel unequal to men in Church? There are plenty of differing views and we will cover a number of them in the coming months.

Women in the Bible frequently emerge as devoted followers of Jesus, prominently present at significant events such as the tomb and the Cross. They function as followers and disciples of Jesus, with the Apostle Paul acknowledging and respecting female coworkers. However, our understanding often falls short in fully recognising the humanity of these female characters, as attention tends to be directed solely toward Jesus' interactions with them. This series aims to delve deeper into the lives of these women, offering a more comprehensive exploration that may reshape our perspectives today.

First up we have Liz Cooledge Jenkins, a writer, preacher, and former college campus minister, and the author of Nice Churchy Patriarchy: Reclaiming Women’s Humanity from Evangelicalism.

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Released on 12 Jan 2024

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