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Is religion good or bad for society? Ben Shapiro v Alex O'Connor The Big Conversation – Episode 7 | Season 5

1 Dec 2023

The Big Conversation is a unique video series from Unbelievable? the flagship apologetics and theology discussion show from Premierunbelievable.com  In this bonus episode of The Big Conversation' formidable Daily Wire host and renowned political thin...

Classic Replay: Is human life intrinsically valuable? Peter Singer, Richard Weikart & Susan Blackmore

28 Nov 2023

From 2016: Richard Weikart, professor of history at California State University, joins Premier Unbelievable? to talk about his new book 'The Death of Humanity'. He says the loss of belief in the value of human life is leading to disastrous consequenc...

60 years after his death, are CS Lewis and his God still relevant?

24 Nov 2023

Ruth Jackson hosts a discussion about a 20th Century British writer and lay theologian who is arguably one of the most influential voices in modern Christianity. On November 22nd 1963, Clive Staples Lewis – Jack to his friends – died in Oxford, Engla...

Classic Replay: Have atheists got the wrong God? Rupert Shortt vs Jeremy Rodell

21 Nov 2023

From 2016: In his new book ‘Go Is No Thing’ Rupert Shortt argues that many ‘new atheists’ have a faulty view of God that doesn’t take seriously the philosophical arguments that thinkers like Thomas Aquinas gave many centuries ago for the existence of...

Classic Replay: Bart Ehrman vs Richard Bauckham : Can we trust eyewitness testimony in the biblical accounts?

17 Nov 2023

Unbelievable shows often benefit from a second listen and some even become classics. Today we are dipping into the concluding part of a conversation between noted Bible scholar Bart Ehrman and Richard Bauckham who debate each other with Justin Brier...

Classic Replay: Are the Gospels based on eyewitness testimony? Bart Ehrman vs Richard Bauckham

14 Nov 2023

From 2016: Bart Ehrman's new book "Jesus Before the Gospels" makes the case that the stories about Jesus would have changed and evolved before they were written down as the Gospels. Richard Bauckham, author of "Jesus and the Eyewitnesses", defends th...

Gay Christians, God and the church | David Bennett, Taylor Telford & Billy Hallowell

10 Nov 2023

Embark on a journey with host Billy Hallowell exploring a deep friendship between two academics with wildly opposing views but who both attest to the boundless love of God on this week’s podcast. This week’s Unbelievable features an insightful discus...

Classic Replay: Did Jesus' followers believe he was God? Yusuf Ismail vs Jonathan McLatchie

7 Nov 2023

From 2016: In Islam, Jesus is regarded as a prophet. Muslims commonly claim that the Christian belief in Christ as co-equal with God is a corruption of Jesus' message and that his first followers did not regard him as the Son of God. Christian apolog...

How much has Christianity contributed to antisemitism?

3 Nov 2023

Welcome to the latest episode of Unbelievable? where we confront the challenging relationship between Christianity and anti-Semitism, shedding light on Christianity's role in the troubling history of prejudice. The show embarks on a profound journey...

Classic Replay: A Jewish sceptic investigates the resurrection: Michael Alter vs Jonathan McLatchie

31 Oct 2023

From 2016: Michael Alter is a Jew who spent a decade researching the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus after being challenged to investigate it. The result is his book ‘The Resurrection: A critical enquiry’. He was not eventually persuaded by th...

Is Halloween harmless fun?

27 Oct 2023

Get ready for a spine-tingling edition of Unbelievable. Hosted by Billy Hallowell, we're diving headfirst into Halloween hysteria. Is it all innocent fun or something more sinister? Join the conversation with ex-healer Angela Ucci, pastor Ray Comfort...

Classic Replay: Is the fine-tuning of the Universe evidence for God? Robin Collins vs Peter Millican

24 Oct 2023

From 2016: Science has revealed that the fundamental constants and forces of the cosmos appear to be exquisitely fine-tuned to allow a universe in which life can develop. Is God the best explanation of the incredibly improbable odds of the universe w...

Why I believe in God: John Lennox interviewed by Amy Orr-Ewing

20 Oct 2023

In a Premier Unbelievable special, celebrating his 80th birthday, the indomitable Christian apologist, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, and renowned ethicist, Dr. John Lennox, engages in a candid and unreserved interview with fellow apologist and O...

Classic Replay: Should Christians save sex for marriage? Dianna E Anderson & Sarah Long

17 Oct 2023

From 2016: Most evangelical churches teach young people that sex should be saved for marriage. But Dianna E Anderson's book 'Damaged Goods' claims that the purity culture of the American church she grew up in can be damaging for young people and that...

Is there a conflict between religion and science?

13 Oct 2023

Can you be a serious scientist and believe in God, and even believe in miracles?   Tom Rudelius never thought much about God until his brother, a new convert to Christianity, challenged him to explore faith. Tom, now a rising young theoretical ph...