A Mucky Business with Tim Farron

Each week Christian MP Tim Farron unpacks the murky world of politics and encourages believers around the UK to engage prayerfully. Tim will share what life is like in Parliament, which issues Christians should care about and what you can do to make a difference. Tune in every Tuesday at 5pm or download the podcast from your chosen podcast provider.

Munira Wilson: Learning to lean on God not your own strength

26 Sep 2023

Tim is joined this week by Lib Dem MP Munira Wilson. Munira talks about learning to lean on God and not her own strength. And Tim's been doing some thinking around the issues around the government's climate plans. Want your question answered...

Kate Forbes discusses her SNP leadership bid and the attack on her faith

19 Sep 2023

Tim is joined this week by Kate Forbes - MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch. Kate gives an insight into her to her bid to become Scottish First Minister and the subsequent attack on her faith. And Tim is getting ready for conference season....

John Anderson: Faith and politics down under

18 Jul 2023

Tim is joined this week by John Anderson - a former deputy prime minister of Australia. We’ll find out more about politics down under and how faith mixes with politics there. Tim also reflects on the row over the controversial two-child benefit...

Ross Hendry: Seeking civility in politics

11 Jul 2023

Tim is joined this week by Ross Hendry, CEO of Christian charity CARE. They discuss Ross' experience of standing for election and how he's now equipping the next generation and doing what he can to bring about civility in politics. Tim also ref...

National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2023

4 Jul 2023

This week we hear the sermon delivered by Dr Amy Orr-Ewing at the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast which was attended by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, 180 MPs and church leaders from across the UK. Tim also reflects on why its so important to...

Zoe Franklin: Bouncing back from election defeat

27 Jun 2023

Tim is joined this week by Zoe Franklin who will be standing for the Lib Dems to become an MP at the next general election. Zoe unpacks what it's like to stand against an established MP and the impact elections have on family life Plus Tim del...

Rebecca Smith: Called to stand to become an MP

20 Jun 2023

Tim is joined this week by Rebecca Smith, a Conservative councillor who is standing to become an MP at the next general election.   Rebecca unpacks how she felt call to stand and how she put a plan together to make her calling a reality.   Plus T...

John Casson: Giving up successful political career for a new form of service

13 Jun 2023

Tim is joined this week by John Casson, chief executive of L’Arche – a charity which builds communities of those with and without learning disabilities. John unpacks why he took the role having said goodbye to his career in politics in which he wa...

David Lawrence: Bidding to become an MP

6 Jun 2023

Tim is joined this week by David Lawrence, the Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Basingstoke. They discuss the process of getting to the position where you can stand to become an MP and how one juggles preparing for an election along...

Dr Krish Kandiah: Immigration and making room for the vulnerable

23 May 2023

Tim is joined this week by author, broadcaster and founder of the Sanctuary Foundation Dr Krish Kandiah. They discuss our attitudes to refugees and the need to give voice to the voiceless. Tim also talks sewage and why as Christians we should care wh...

Daniel Singleton: Meeting the needs of local communities

9 May 2023

Tim is joined this week by Daniel Singleton, the national executive director of Faith Action. They discuss the importance of faith groups working with authorities to serve their communities and best ways to go about that. Tim also reflects on the eve...

Colin Bloom: Does current government do God?

2 May 2023

Tim is joined this week by the government's independent faith advisor Colin Bloom. Colin recently authored the Bloom Review which examined how government should engage with faith groups in England. They discuss the 22 recommendations put forward in t...

Sarah Edwards: Thinking about personal and political finances

25 Apr 2023

Tim is joined this week by Sarah Edwards, the executive director of the Just Money Movement. They discuss how we think about both our personal and political finances. Tim also reflects on the resignation of Dominic Raab and the issue of bullying with...

Rev Paul Cowley: Inside and outside of the justice system

18 Apr 2023

Tim is joined this week by Rev Paul Cowley. Having spent time in prison himself, Paul has spent decades supporting ex-offenders and has pioneered the Alpha course in prisons. We’ll hear his story of transformation, how he now helps others and what ne...

Bishop Graham Tomlin: Making Christianity relevant again

21 Mar 2023

Tim is joined this week by Graham Tomlin, the former Bishop of Kensington who now leads the Centre for Cultural Witness. They discuss the Church's drive to make Christianity more relevant and the need to help people make sense of the Gospel. Tim also...

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