CS Lewis Podcast

A weekly podcast with Professor Alister McGrath exploring C.S. Lewis’ thought, theology and teaching. C.S. Lewis is one of the most influential voices in modern Christianity. The 20th Century British writer and lay theologian has profoundly impacted Christians around the world and brought many atheists and agnostics to faith in Jesus. One person whose faith was greatly encouraged by the writings of C.S. Lewis is Professor Alister McGrath. Both men were raised in Northern Ireland, studied at Oxford University and went on to become professors there. They also both came to faith from atheism slightly later in life. Alister has written numerous books on C.S. Lewis, including a seminal biography C.S. Lewis – A Life. Every Monday, Ruth Jackson and Professor Alister McGrath will reflect on C.S. Lewis’ ideas, life and influence as well as trying to answer questions that impact culture today. To find out more about the launch of this podcast and receive exclusive content from Alister McGrath, sign up to the Unbelievable? newsletter.

Tuesdays from 10pm and Sundays from 5pm

#146 That Hideous Strength: How do we resist evil?

26 Feb 2024

In this final episode on The Space Trilogy, Alister McGrath finishes his discussion on That Hideous Strength, looking particularly at how evil emerges and how we stop technology, such as AI and nuclear weapons, getting out of control. Alister also su...

#145 That Hideous Strength: Was Lewis sexist?

19 Feb 2024

Alister McGrath looks at what Lewis thought of women, sexuality and marriage. Are any of the characters in That Hideous Strength based on people Lewis knew? What was he trying to convey through their depiction? + Subscribe to The CS Lewis podcast...

#144 That Hideous Strength: What would a godless world look like?

12 Feb 2024

Alister McGrath continues to discuss the final book of CS Lewis’ science fiction trilogy. What are Lewis' thoughts on education? Was he anti-modern? Does the abolition of God necessarily lead to the abolition of humanity? + Subscribe to The CS Le...

#143 That Hideous Strength: Is technology dangerous?

5 Feb 2024

Alister McGrath explores how CS Lewis addresses the perceived conflict between God and science in That Hideous Strength. What insights can Lewis give about pertinent issues such as the atomic age, eugenics and Artificial Intelligence? When does techn...

#142 That Hideous Strength: What is the future of humanity?

29 Jan 2024

Alister McGrath continues to dive into some of the key themes in the final book of CS Lewis' science fiction trilogy. What will happen to the human race? How can we change our future? What is the point of scientific experimentation? Alister also look...

#141 That Hideous Strength: Is there a darker agenda to scientific experimentation?

22 Jan 2024

Professor Alister McGrath explores the final book of CS Lewis’ space trilogy, That Hideous Strength, looking at some of its key themes, characters and questions. How is it a "modern fairy tale for grownups"? And why is this significant? Was Lewis' na...

#140 Sarah Irving-Stonebraker: Does history matter?

15 Jan 2024

Associate Professor Sarah Irving-Stonebraker shares how significant CS Lewis was in her journey from atheism to Christianity. As an academic historian, she explores how great books speak to ever-present questions and looks at why the past matters. Wh...

#139 Phil Knox: The fate of the unevangelised

8 Jan 2024

In the second part of his discussion about why The Narnia Chronicles make him cry, evangelist Phil Knox looks at why Prince Caspian contains one of the best definitions of evangelism. He shares how he is moved by the obedience displayed in The Silver...

#138 Phil Knox: Why the Narnia Chronicles make me cry

1 Jan 2024

"Daddy, why are you crying? It's only a lion!" Evangelist Phil Knox shares his experience of reading The Narnia Chronicles with his young son and the impact these books have had on his own life. Why is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe significant...

#136 David Bates: Was Lewis a bit of a grumpy old man when it came to Christmas?

18 Dec 2023

What did Lewis say about Christmas? David Bates from Pints With Jack discusses some of Lewis' poetry and prose on this topic. What did he mean by the "commercial racket" of Christmas, how does he depict the incarnation? And what is the significance o...

#137 David Bates: How did Lewis celebrate Christmas?

18 Dec 2023

David Bates of Pints With Jack shares his final thoughts with Ruth Jackson about CS Lewis and Christmas. Is there a particular food or drink Lewis would have enjoyed? What advice would he give about surviving the festive season? Plus, which of Lewis’...

#135 David Bates: What did Christmas mean to Lewis?

11 Dec 2023

David Bates from Pints With Jack shares some of CS Lewis' thoughts about Christmas. What are some of his key works that elucidate this topic? Did the festive period lose its significance when Lewis became an atheist? Plus, we catch up on how the inau...

#134 Alister McGrath: Is there an expiry date on Lewis' relevance?

4 Dec 2023

In the final part of their discussion on whether CS Lewis is still relevant 60 years after his death, Professor Alister McGrath and Ruth Jackson ponder whether he also appeals to agnostics, atheists and those of other religions. Plus, is there a mode...

#133 Alister McGrath: Was Lewis a prophet and does he speak to contemporary cultural issues?

27 Nov 2023

Professor Alister McGrath and Ruth Jackson continue their discussion about whether CS Lewis is still relevant. Was he something of a prophet? What can we learn about the way Lewis engaged with modern media? How did he make complicated theological con...

#132 Alister McGrath: 60 years after his death, does Lewis still speak to our heads and hearts?

21 Nov 2023

On November 22nd 1963, Clive Staples Lewis – Jack to his friends – died in Oxford, England. 60 years after his death, we discuss whether he is still relevant today. Are any of the accusations levelled against Lewis legitimate? Why does he continue to...

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