Faith in Kids

The Faith in Kids podcast is all about helping families raise children in the Christian faith. On this stream, you'll find lots of podcast for parents, presented by Ed, Amy and Jam, as well as a whole load of podcasts in Season 1 which are to be listened to as a family together. We’re not trying to give you the answers, but a few starting points. We hope and pray you’ll be inspired to give it a go. Every family can.

Faith In Parents #141 | Growing Up: I am who God says I am

15 May 2024

Who am I? How do I work it out and who do I listen to? As our children grow up they’re working this all out. This episode helps parents navigate the confusion, thoughts, feelings and others opinions, and ask is listening to who God says we are good?...

Faith In Parents #140 | Growing Up: God's Good Story

1 May 2024

We've got a Professor on the Pod! We kick off the new Growing Up series with Glynn Harrison. He helps us to have the hard and awkward convesations with our children. He teaches us to shine the Gospel on smart phones, bodies and the mental health cris...

Faith In Parents #139 | "You’re not going out wearing that!"

17 Apr 2024

Our daughters, in particular, are under pressure to look good, to appear perfect on their socials and to live for the approval of others. That is so far from the better story that their Creator offers them.Join us as we chat to Emma Owen. Her story s...

Faith In Parents #138 | Big Conversations with Little People

3 Apr 2024

🗣️ Leaning in to the big questions about faith that “pop” from the little people in our lives - usually when we’re doing something else 🍂 🍂 Josh Cooley inspires us in his new book, “I Can’t  Believe My Eyes”, to welcome the questions and enjoy the...

Faith in KIDS #110 Easter Explained: Stop Doubting and Believe!

29 Mar 2024

The last bit of Easter Explained in Jesus’s own words as Jam and Ed are bringing to life 4 statements of Jesus says in the book of John. We’re in a locked room this time. Ed also reveals what superpower he would chose (it’s very disappointing) and th...

Faith in KIDS #109 Easter Explained: My Father and Your Father

22 Mar 2024

Easter is Explained a bit more in Jesus’s own words as Jam and Ed are bringing to life 4 statements that Jesus says in the book of John. They also ask: If you had to run the London Marathon in fancy dress, what would you chose? And how fast is the fa...

Faith In Parents #137 | Talking Toddler Groups

20 Mar 2024

👶 Join in the enthusiastic, creative and inspiring conversation as Helen and Anna talk all things toddler group with us!🍇 This episode has it all - big stats, good snacks, great stories and a big vision for what a toddler group looks like with Jesu...

Faith in KIDS #108 Easter Explained: It is FINISHED!

15 Mar 2024

Episode 2 of Easter Explained, bringing to life 4 statements that Jesus says in the book of John. So it’s Easter explained by Jesus, a man on a mission to give his life to save his friends.A gruesome fact about Mount Everest. What do you put on your...

Faith in KIDS #107 Easter Explained: I AM HE!

8 Mar 2024

Ed and Jam are back with a series called Easter Explained! Can you guess what it’s about?  We are bringing to life 4 statements that Jesus says in the book of John. In a way, it’s like Easter explained by Jesus, a man on a mission to give his life to...

Faith In Parents #136 | Tumbling Along Trusting Jesus, with Clare Luther

6 Mar 2024

Desperate prayers, surprising grace and discovering your family's super power. Hear Clare Luther's story of her adventure with Jesus; As a mother of two daughters, as a wife of an unbeliever (who came to faith after 10 years of prayer) and as the own...

Faith In Parents #135 | Easter Excitement with Gospel Writer John

21 Feb 2024

🥳 Get Excited for Easter with the home team! 🥳👍 Let Ed, Jam & Amy inspire your family to journey through the Easter story with John the gospel writer as your tour guide.👍 With tales of parking tickets, resurrection breakfast tables and the Bi...

Faith In Parents #134 | The Gift of Grandparenthood

7 Feb 2024

Cross the generations, building relationships with grandchildren, supporting their parents and praying passionately for them.Whether they are far away or in your local church, whether they are your biological grandchildren or someone else's, there is...

Faith In Parents #133 | The Adventure of Motherhood

17 Jan 2024

It turns out that motherhood is not about apple pie. Listen to the reality of motherhood lived out in Linda and Sarah's lives. They are a mother and daughter who have walked through rebellion, illness and parenting, sometimes together and sometimes a...

Faith In Parents #132 | The Adventure of Fatherhood

10 Jan 2024

Welcome to the hood!We’re off on an 3 part adventure through fatherhood, motherhood and grandparenthood!First up - jump onboard the bandwagon and celebrate fatherhood.Be inspired to encourage dads, hear the difference between setting boundaries, trai...

Faith In Parents #131 | Another Year?!

27 Dec 2023

🎁 Join in the fun with Ed & Amy as they look back, look up and look on!🤩 Enjoy Amy's excitement about the bins getting emptied and Ed telling her she was right! 😱👂 Hear tales of adventures in cold water, other cultures and on buses!👉 Be insp...