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Desperate for Hope | Book Club | Part 2

16 Jun 2024

Do you feel held back by your past or stuck in the present? You’re desperate for hope—wanting to believe there’s good ahead. There is. God has so much in store for your life!

The Power of Conversations | Book Club | Part 1

9 Jun 2024

Do you ever hold back from sharing your faith? You might worry that you don’t know enough or get nervous. Willie Robertson is giving us helpful tips on how to share our faith and the power of conversations.

Normal Isn't Working | Who Do You Think You Are? | Part 4

2 Jun 2024

Are you finding that "normal" isn’t working anymore? As you embrace God’s calling, you’ll discover that this world isn’t truly your home—you’re a citizen of Heaven. You’re called to be different.

When What You Do Doesn’t Feel Good Enough | Who Do You Think You Are? | Part 3

26 May 2024

When you feel like you’re not good enough or don’t measure up, you tend to try to do more and be more. But you’re more than just what you do; God cares most about who you are.

Your Most Important Assignment | Who Do You Think You Are? | Part 1

19 May 2024

You show the world who you are through your style, your interests, and even your bumper stickers! But let’s take it a little deeper: What do you want people to know you stand for? What does God say we should represent?

When You Don’t Feel Good Enough | Who Do You Think You Are? | Part 1

12 May 2024

Do you ever feel like you’re moving through life without direction? You want your life to matter, but it’s hard to feel like you can make a difference when you’re dealing with self-doubt. Find out who God made you to be and live your life purposefull...

When You’re Tired of Being Tired | He Promises | Part 6

5 May 2024

Life is busy. And it’s hard to find rest when your to-do list doesn’t end. Jesus promises a way to rest in the middle of all the busyness. And it’s probably not what you’d expect.

Finding Freedom From Your Worries | He Promises | Part 5

28 Apr 2024

What have you worried about today? Chances are, the list is pretty long. Jesus promises that we don’t have to worry, but how is that possible? Understanding His promise can transform the way you approach concerns and give you relief.

Finding Peace in Your Thoughts | He Promises | Part 4

21 Apr 2024

What’s weighing on you right now? With so much happening in the world and our lives, having a peaceful mind can feel impossible. While Jesus doesn’t promise a trouble-free life, He does promise you a path to peace.

You’re Not Alone in the Struggle | He Promises | Part 3

14 Apr 2024

It can be difficult to feel God’s presence when you’re experiencing the storms of life. But Jesus promises to be with you always—through highs and lows.

Hearing God’s Voice | He Promises | Part 2

7 Apr 2024

Think about all the things competing for your attention every day—family, schedules, social media, and more. Jesus promised us that we'll know His voice. How do you cut through the noise to listen? Let’s talk about hearing God’s voice.

Does God Still Love Me? | He Promises | Part 1

31 Mar 2024

Have you ever asked yourself, "Does God love me?" Maybe you struggle to believe you’re even worthy of love. If you’ve ever doubted God’s love, you won’t want to miss this message.

Driven by Your Dreams | Think Ahead | Part 6

24 Mar 2024

Do you have a goal for your life that you can’t stop thinking about? Maybe achieving it seems impossible. What if this dream is part of God’s plan for your life? In this message, we’re talking about how to live out our calling—dreams included.

Tell Me What to Do, God | Think Ahead | Part 5

17 Mar 2024

It’s comforting to have a plan—a clear roadmap to get you from one place to the next. God has a plan for your life, but how do you know what it is? And how do you follow it? Let’s find out.

No More Fake News | Think Ahead | Part 4

10 Mar 2024

Do you ever get frustrated trying to find out what's actually true? How do you know what to believe? In this message, we're learning how to seek truth with confidence. Find ways to replace lies with God’s truth:

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