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6: Education

8 Jan 2024

Teaching is a famously difficult career. From crowd control in the classroom to never-ending late-night marking sessions, the pressures of working in a school have driven many a capable teacher to their limits – or even right out of the profession. S...

5: Medicine

4 Dec 2023

Deep thinking meets gritty reality as A&E registrar Ben Chang and former neonatology consultant John Wyatt discuss the pain – and the joy – of trying to be a Christlike doctor.Working in the NHS is emotionally and physically stressful. In their f...

4: Management and organisational culture

6 Nov 2023

Mark Greene chats with Katherine Ladd and Yolanda Ibbett - two leaders shaping godly culture in the civil service and business. Katherine is Senior Strategic Communications Advisor at Crown Prosecution Service, and Yolanda is Director of the Bedfordi...

3: Retail

23 Oct 2023

In our third episode, Mark Greene chats with two entrepreneurs in the retail sector. Gary Grant, founder of the much-loved toy store chain The Entertainer, and Anneka Wallington, who started up social impact gifting business, Recognise, five years ag...

2: Recruitment

2 Oct 2023

In our second episode, resilience and trust, we hear from two people in executive search. Joëlle Warren MBE, is founder and Chair of Warren Partners and has been in the sector for over twenty years, whilst Josh Green is a relative newbie, with just t...

1: Business rescue

15 Sep 2023

In our very first episode, we get pearls of wisdom from two people in the rescue business. Jon Templeman, Chairman of Whittan Shelving, has made a career of turning round ailing manufacturing companies, and Micah Wright is eight years into his career...