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Martha Ratcliff: How illustrators shape everyone's minds

15 Apr 2024

Think about the last time you bought an illustrated book. What percentage of the royalties do you think the illustrator got? Nope, not 50/50 with the author – most publishers only offer 3%–5%, even though illustrations often sell the book. Why do we...

Michael Wear: If we don't care about character, we get bad leaders

1 Apr 2024

It's not exactly a vintage time for politics in the West. Our prospective leaders either leave us apathetic or drive us into feral tribes.Perhaps the reason we're left so cold or scared by so many of today's political class is that we've let the impo...

Justin Brierley and Tom Holland: Are we witnessing a rebirth of belief in God?

18 Mar 2024

''Christianity is outdated. A cultural relic from a less enlightened time. Superstition for the masses – not the kind of thing intelligent people believe in nowadays.'That's the general message New Atheism put out into the world in the noughties. And...

John Coffey: Christianity and the abolition of the slave trade

11 Mar 2024

It's the 18th Century. Slavery has been a fact of life for millennia, and a new, racialised form is now powering the wealth and expansion of the British Empire. Faced with that reality, the British abolition movement should have been doomed to fail....

Eve Poole: Is AI created in the image of God?

26 Feb 2024

No buzzword is buzzier than 'AI'. Depending on who you talk to, it's either going to deliver the perfect utopia we've always dreamed of, take over the world and wipe us off the face of the earth – or simply fail to take off altogether.Whichever of th...

Paul Kerensa: Is God funny?

12 Feb 2024

Comedy is one of God's great gifts to us. Not much feels better or connects people faster than a good, proper laugh. But for some reason, we don't often think of God and humour having much to do with each other. It's time to change that!In this epis...

Makoto & Haejin Shim Fujimura: Why fighting for justice and creating beauty are basically the same thing

29 Jan 2024

If you were going to rank 'stuff people do' on a godliness scale, you'd probably put fighting for justice above painting, right? Stopping injustice in its tracks, saving people from exploitation – surely that's more valuable to God than making art, h...

Pete Greig: Does prayer really change anything? (Live episode)

15 Jan 2024

We all know praying is important in theory. But we also have those days (or months) when prayer feels more like a check-box than a conversation with the Creator. Life is packed full of stresses and joys, to-do lists and Netflix binges, unpleasant mee...

Graham Tomlin: Why Disney's wrong and being yourself is a bad idea

30 Dec 2023

'Be your best self. Live your best life. Don't hurt anyone else.' Sounds pretty good. But is that really all being a human is about? Our culture is fixated on the self and the idea that meaning, purpose, and truth can all be found inside ourselves. I...

Paula Gooder: Why your imagination is underrated

30 Dec 2023

Your imagination isn't just a mental screensaver, spooling out randomly when you're not using your brain. It's the bit of you that reflects the Creator, the God who spoke everything out of nothing. When you imagine things, you mimic your heavenly Fat...

Luke Bretherton: Can Christianity fix our broken politics?

30 Dec 2023

Parliament's supposed to be the home of reasoned debate – where crucial issues are hashed out and the people's representatives shape policy for the good of all. So why does a quick glance at BBC Parliament so often feel like being back in the school...


21 Dec 2023

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