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Find out what makes influential Christian leaders tick! Hear the faith stories of a huge range of church leaders, musicians, preachers and more, as they share how God has led and guided them through both valleys and mountain-top experiences. The Profile brings you in-depth interviews to help you learn from the wisdom and experiences of people who have gone all-in for God. Past guests include church leaders such as HTB’s Nicky Gumbel, the world renown DJ Moby, Bible teachers Joyce Meyer and John Mark Comer, missionary Jackie Pullinger, Gospel superstar Fred Hammond and worship leaders Martin Smith and Tim Hughes. New episodes are published every Friday, PLUS check out bonus episodes every Wednesday, where our resident leadership expert Andy Peck interviews a range of pastors, preachers and practitioners on the topic of Christian leadership. The Profile is brought to you by Premier Christianity, the UK’s leading Christian magazine. If you enjoy The Profile you’re sure to love Premier Christianity magazine which will help you understand the changing culture around us and what God is doing through his Church today, read for free now at

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Kintsugi Hope's Patrick Regan on what Christians get wrong about mental health

17 May 2024

As part of mental health awareness week, Sam Hailes talks to Patrick Regan, founder of Christian mental health charity Kintsugi Hope on mediating between Jamaican gang leaders, facing criticism from fellow Christians, and why the Bible is full of wis...

Leadership Special Jamie Phear: ‘Changing direction in your leadership’

15 May 2024

Andy Peck speaks with Jamie Phear, former Professor of English in the US and now writing full time and helping women develop their calling. They discuss how calling may change over time and why having a regular retreat is so beneficial. The Profi...

Leadership Special Stephen Dempster: ‘Leading with the Bible in mind’

7 May 2024

Andy Peck chats with Stephen Dempster, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Crandall University, New Brunswick, Canada about his recent book, Return of the Kingdom: a biblical theology of God’s Reign. They discuss how an understanding of the...

Dr Aaron Edwards: The lecturer fired from a Bible College after tweeting on homosexuality

3 May 2024

These 47 words changed Dr Aaron Edwards’ life and career, potentially forever: “Homosexuality is invading the Church. Evangelicals no longer see the severity of this [because] they’re busy apologising for their apparently barbaric homophobia, whether...

Leadership Special Matt Hatch: ‘Developing a discipleship culture’

1 May 2024

Andy Peck speaks with Matt Hatch, founder of Mosaic Church Leeds, and a leader of one of the congregations, about his book: Metamorphosis: Unlocking your spiritual transformation through healthy discipleship’. They talk about how his church approache...

Former MI5 boss Lord Evans on his Christian faith

26 Apr 2024

Jonathan Evans, Baron Evans of Weardale has worked in espionage since the 1980s, eventually becoming the director general of MI5 (2007-13). In this interview with Tony Wilson, we hear about Lord Evans' Christian faith and how it has sustained him dur...

Leadership Special Marcus Culverwell: ‘Influencing children through education’

24 Apr 2024

Andy Peck speaks with Marcus Culverwell, head teacher of Reigate St Mary’s Preparatory and Choir School about his call to lead a school. They discuss how much influence a school might have on a child, and consider some themes from his book, ‘Would Go...

Gilead author Marilynne Robinson is reading Genesis

19 Apr 2024

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson believes she’s proof that the world isn’t as antagonistic towards Christians as many assume. In this in depth conversation with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, she explains her love for Calvinis...

Leadership Special Dave Law & Julian Shellard: ‘Transforming Work’

17 Apr 2024

Andy Peck speaks with two men committed to Christians bringing the whole of their lives into the workplace, including their faith. Dave Law is an analytical chemist with Thames Water and Julian Shellard a lawyer with a global pharmaceutical company....

Leadership special Paul Friend: ‘Leading with humility’

10 Apr 2024

Andy Peck chats with Paul Friend, CEO of SWYM (South West Youth Ministries) about his book, ‘Fierce Humility: leading in the way of Jesus’. They discuss why Paul wrote the book, which elements of humility are toughest to explore and why humility sta...

Leadership special Simon Holley: ‘Sustainable leadership for the long haul’

3 Apr 2024

Andy Peck chats with Simon Holley, the senior leader of Kings Arms Church Bedford and a leader of the Catalyst strategy team with Newfrontiers. They reflect on whether he still stands by his book, ‘Sustainable Power: creating a healthy culture of the...

Aussie church planter Stephen McAlpine on why the gospel is 'suffer now, glory later'

29 Mar 2024

"Low grade, slow grade, slow cooked church changes you in ways you can't imagine." That's according to experienced church planter, author and cultural commentator Stephen McAlpine. In this interview with Premier Christianity's Sam Hailes, Stephen arg...

Leadership special Christian Szurko: ‘Why leaders go astray’

27 Mar 2024

Andy Peck talks with Christian Szurko, the National Co-ordinator, DialogCentre UK who has been serving victims of spiritual abuse for over 50 years. They talk about why Christians in leadership fall into temptation, how we can guard ourselves and how...

Disability rights advocate Joni Eareckson Tada on the sovereignty of God

15 Mar 2024

Premier Woman Alive's deputy editor Jemimah Wright engages in a profound conversation with renowned author, radio host, and disability rights advocate Joni Eareckson Tada. Joni discusses her journey of living with quadriplegia for almost 57 years and...

Leadership special Yvonne Tulloch: ‘Leading people through grief’

13 Mar 2024

Andy Peck talks with Yvonne Tulloch, the founder and CEO of the charity At a Loss. She is a former Canon in the Church of England, and served as the Bishop’s Officer for clergy bereavement for Southwark, who faced the challenge of the very sudden dea...