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Find out what makes influential Christian leaders tick! Hear the faith stories of a huge range of church leaders, musicians, preachers and more, as they share how God has led and guided them through both valleys and mountain-top experiences. The Profile brings you in-depth interviews to help you learn from the wisdom and experiences of people who have gone all-in for God. Past guests include church leaders such as HTB’s Nicky Gumbel, the world renown DJ Moby, Bible teachers Joyce Meyer and John Mark Comer, missionary Jackie Pullinger, Gospel superstar Fred Hammond and worship leaders Martin Smith and Tim Hughes. New episodes are published every Friday, PLUS check out bonus episodes every Wednesday, where our resident leadership expert Andy Peck interviews a range of pastors, preachers and practitioners on the topic of Christian leadership. The Profile is brought to you by Premier Christianity, the UK’s leading Christian magazine. If you enjoy The Profile you’re sure to love Premier Christianity magazine which will help you understand the changing culture around us and what God is doing through his Church today, read for free now at

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Bethel's Jenn Johnson: Glory clouds and gold dust

30 Sep 2023

It's one of the best-known megachurches in America, producing worship songs that are sung by congregations around the world, but, according to Jenn Johnson, when it comes to the body of Christ, Bethel is probably akin to an armpit. She says this...

Leadership Special: Alan Cutting Where should we direct our charitable giving?

29 Sep 2023

Andy Peck talks to Alan Cutting who has served as a pastor and planter of churches in the UK and Belgium and also with Samaritans Purse, Tearfund, Grassroots Trust and others as a church and community transformation consultant. They talk about...

Bishop Mike Royal: The Churches Together leader on unity, community and praying for the King

23 Sep 2023

God is shaking things up! That's according to the general secretary of Churches Together in England. Bishop Mike Royal was selected to pray for King Charles at the coronation and has been dubbed a “Christian man of influence”, but he's far more conce...

Leadership special: Glen Scrivener: The Air We Breathe

20 Sep 2023

In a show first aired in 2022, Andy Peck talks to Speak Life's founder, Glen Scrivener, about his book, 'The Air We Breathe' where he suggests that many of the values that western civilisation holds dear are founded upon Christian values and wouldn't...

Leadership special: Phil Boydell: Who are you 'alongside'?

13 Sep 2023

Andy Peck talks to Phil Boydell, the UK's national director of The Navigators, a Bible based-ministry aiming to develop disciples of Jesus in various spheres. They talk about the challenge of sharing faith in the UK where Christianity is facing vario...

Rev Dr Christopher Wright: Understanding the mission of God

8 Sep 2023

The noted Old Testament scholar Dr Christopher Wright shares his testimony of coming to faith as a child, and explains how his experience overseas and working in other cultures has informed his academic work on mission. He also comments on the Church...

Leadership special: Steve & Angie Campbell 'Lead where you are'

6 Sep 2023

Andy Peck talks to Steve & Angie Campbell co-leaders of Global Leadership Network UK about a series of leadership conferences that are being hosted around the UK in the Autumn and Spring. The discuss how such talks over the years have impacted th...

Rend Collective's Chris Llewellyn: Writing worship songs on doubt and deconstruction

1 Sep 2023

It's a bold move, and one the lead singer of Rend Collective knows will be controversial in some circles. Nevertheless, the songwriter of some of the Church's most well known worship songs, including 'Build Your Kingdom Here' and 'My Lighthouse' is r...

Leadership special: Judah and Rachel Cole on 'Planting churches that love their community'

30 Aug 2023

Andy Peck speaks with Judah and Rachel Cole of Open Well Church, Liverpool who planted their first church just a few hundred yards from their first 'date' together in Salford, and went on to plant two more as God used their approach of loving and ble...

Dr Isabelle Hamley: Brexit, reconciliation and encountering God through his Church

25 Aug 2023

Former chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Isabelle Hamley is on a mission to normalise the subject of mental health within the church. It's a subject she's familiar with, having dealt with anorexia as a teenager, and an abusive childhood hom...

Leadership special: Lauren Crook 'Helping Christians engage in kingdom living'

23 Aug 2023

Andy Peck talks with Lauren Crook, head of Kingdom Living Ministries, which looks to assist Christians in living a kingdom life where he has placed them. They talk about how the ministry has developed under God's direction and what it's like leading...

Wes Streeting MP: How Labour's 'rising star' found his way back to faith

18 Aug 2023

Labour’s shadow health minister Wes Streeting MP speaks to Emma Fowle about growing up in poverty, reconciling his faith and sexuality, and building bridges across political and religious divides. The Profile is brought to you by Premier Christia...

Leadership special: Sam Reimer 'How culture is impacting UK churches'

16 Aug 2023

Andy Peck talks to Sam Reimer professor of sociology at Crandall University in Canada and the author of 'Caught in the Current: British and Canadian Evangelicals in an age of self-spirituality'. They discuss his research of church leaders in the UK a...

Dr Neil T Anderson: How to find freedom in Christ

11 Aug 2023

The bestselling author of The Bondage Breaker and the founder of Freedom in Christ ministries sits down with Sam Hailes to reflect on his lifetime of ministry. The pair cover a range of topics including how Dr Anderson came to faith, why unforgivenes...

Leadership special: Scot McKnight 'Why I translated the New Testament'

9 Aug 2023

Andy Peck talks to Scot McKnight, Professor of New Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lisle, IL and author of The Second Testament. They discuss why 'another translation' was needed, what leadership material Scot values, what he be...