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Find out what makes influential Christian leaders tick! Hear the faith stories of a huge range of church leaders, musicians, preachers and more, as they share how God has led and guided them through both valleys and mountain-top experiences. The Profile brings you in-depth interviews to help you learn from the wisdom and experiences of people who have gone all-in for God. Past guests include church leaders such as HTB’s Nicky Gumbel, the world renown DJ Moby, Bible teachers Joyce Meyer and John Mark Comer, missionary Jackie Pullinger, Gospel superstar Fred Hammond and worship leaders Martin Smith and Tim Hughes. New episodes are published every Friday, PLUS check out bonus episodes every Wednesday, where our resident leadership expert Andy Peck interviews a range of pastors, preachers and practitioners on the topic of Christian leadership. The Profile is brought to you by Premier Christianity, the UK’s leading Christian magazine. If you enjoy The Profile you’re sure to love Premier Christianity magazine which will help you understand the changing culture around us and what God is doing through his Church today, read for free now at

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Leadership special Chris Curtis & Nathan Mladin: ‘Leading in an A.I. world’

28 Feb 2024

Andy Peck talks to Chris Curtis of Youthscape and Nathan Mlandin of Theos, both part of the AI Christian Partnership ( about the possible impact of AI: in ministry to young people; the work place; and our personal privacy. The...

Mia Fieldes: Navigating life's biggest challenges by trusting in God's promises

24 Feb 2024

In this episode of The Profile, the Grammy-nominated Australian songwriter Mia Fieldes (Hillsong, Bethel, The Belonging Co) shares her incredible journey of faith and resilience with Woman Alive's deputy editor Jemimah Wright. Despite facing signific...

Leadership special Alun Leppitt: ‘Stewarding renewal 30 years on’

21 Feb 2024

Andy Peck talks to Alun Leppitt, the European regional representative for Global Awakening- a network of churches which came out of a move of God in Toronto in 1994 – known as ‘the Toronto Blessing’. They look at how as a pastor of a church in Southa...

Lord Lisvane: Former clerk of the House of Commons on the dangers of political polarisation and the joys of church music

16 Feb 2024

Robert James Rogers, Baron Lisvane, is a crossbench peer and former Clerk of the House of Commons (2011-2014). He's also chairman of the Royal College of Organists and, married to a Church of England priest, has a deep love for church music. In this...

Leadership special: Tyler Prieb 'Imaginative mission'

14 Feb 2024

Andy Peck speaks with Tyler Prieb, a New York-based pastor and missiologist who is the founder of Missional Labs - an interdisciplinary community that works to launch new, imaginative ministry ventures in our modern missional context. They talk abo...

Miriam Cates MP: Faith, family and courageous Christianity

9 Feb 2024

Few Christian politicians of our generation have dared to voice orthodox views on marriage, family and sex. When they have, there’s been a fierce backlash from their colleagues and the media, as former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron MP experience...

Leadership special Steve McAlpine 'Future proof your leading'

7 Feb 2024

Andy Peck talks Steve McAlpine about his book, 'Future Proof: How to live for Jesus in a culture that keeps on changing'. Steve is a former pastor, and now consultant and blogger in Perth Australia, but is still proud of his Northern Ireland backgrou...

Jennie Allen: Preaching, therapy and the burden of 'platform'

2 Feb 2024

What happens when a Bible teacher with a global ministry loses her passion for scripture? That's just one of several thorny questions Jennie Allen has had to grapple with in recent years (the answer to that particular conundrum was found in a combina...

Leadership special Deepa Tharmaraj ‘Helping women lead well’

30 Jan 2024

Andy Peck talks with Deepa Tharmaraj, a commercial and technology lawyer who runs ‘a not for profit’ charity WELL: Women Empowered Life and Leadership They discuss why women are still facing challenges in leading in many sectors, whether these vary...

SPECIAL: Two evangelists on terminal illness, joy in suffering and praying for healing

26 Jan 2024

Evangelists Carl Beech and Steve Legg have been friends for more than 20 years. They have pioneered ministries and travelled the world telling people about Christ. Last year Carl was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease, while Steve was tol...

Leadership special: Jo Plummer ‘The transforming work of Business as Mission’

24 Jan 2024

Andy welcomes back Jo Plummer, a founding member of the Business as Mission Resource Team, developing business as mission strategy and resources for the BAM community. They discuss the innovative ways that business are being established in two thi...

Rosaria Butterfield: From atheist lesbian to reformed Christian

19 Jan 2024

How did an atheist professor who wrote articles against evangelical Christians become one? In this week's episode Sam Hailes sits down with Rosaria Butterfield who describes her journey from being a liberal sceptic to becoming a Christian. Rather tha...

Leadership special Richard Eason: ‘ Loving the community in the name of Jesus’

17 Jan 2024

Andy talks with Richard Eason who after an early career in IT and technology became involved ‘social action’ including setting up YMCA Ashford, Kent, being chair of Ashford Together, the social action charity of Churches Together in Ashford, and serv...

Pastor Agu Irukwu on prayer, speaking the truth and political correctness

12 Jan 2024

Pastor Agu has planted one of the biggest churches in the UK. If we want to see revival come, it’s time we took prayer and fasting seriously, but not religiously, says the Jesus House pastor in this interview with Heather Tomlinson. Recorded at the A...

Leadership special: Phil Warren ‘ Building church community on an island’

10 Jan 2024

Andy speaks with Phil Warren Rector of St. Lawrence Parish Church and St. Matthew’s Glass Church, Jersey to discuss about the challenges of building faith, family and community on the island. They look at how tourists to the ‘Glass Church’ have met w...

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