The Sunday Sermon

Lively and practical Bible teaching from Rick Warren.

How God's Goodness Can Restore You

3 Feb 2024

The Bible says that the condition of your mind determines your thoughts, feelings, and decisions. But when you’re experiencing grief, loss, and pain, how do you get back to a healthy state of mind? In this message from Psalm 23, Pastor Rick Warren teaches how God’s goodness can restore and heal you.

Trusting God's Timing In Your Life

24 Dec 2023

In this special Christmas message, Pastor Rick Warren shows us how we can trust God’s perfect timing in our own lives. By looking at the example of Jesus’ birth, we can trust a God who overcomes our fear, teaches us patience, reminds us of his promises, and tells us to never give up.

Relaxing In God's Goodness

26 Nov 2023

The pace of modern society pushes you to keep going and going and going. But that’s not the way of the Good Shepherd. In his goodness, God created rest because he wants you to rest. In this continued study of Psalm 23, Pastor Rick Warren teaches why people overwork, along with practical ways to relax. If you’re tired of burning the candle at both ends, this message is for you.

Letting God Meet My Needs

19 Nov 2023

What’s causing you to worry? More than anything, worry affects your health, relationships, and overall well-being. But God says you don’t have to worry — He promises to meet all your needs if you trust Him. So, how do you do that? In this message, Pastor Rick shares the four things you need to do to let go of worry in your life. You’ll learn how to overcome your stress and trust God in all circumstances. This is the perfect message for anyone feeling anxious and looking for peace.

Is God Really Good All The Time?

12 Nov 2023

It’s true that God is good all the time, but sometimes it can be hard to believe it. As he teaches from Psalm 23, Pastor Rick Warren will help you learn to trust in God’s goodness, even on your most difficult days.

Why God Doesn't Answer Prayer

5 Nov 2023

What we think about God affects everything about us—including our prayer life. Join Pastor Rick as he explains how our prayers are shaped by our understanding of who God is.

How To Pray Throughout Your Day

22 Oct 2023

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul says, “I’m always praying. I’m continually praying. I’m constantly praying. I never stop praying for you.” Join Pastor Rick as he teaches about what it means to pray without ceasing.

Generosity Is Love In Action

9 Jul 2023

Lively and practical Bible teaching from Rick Warren.

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