A weekly show from Premier Unbelievable? in which Justin Brierley interviews leading apologists, theologians and evangelists in order to help Christians understand, defend and share their faith with confidence... unapologetically!

Presented by Ruth Jackson

#71 Peter Byrom: Discovering Dawkins

26 Sep 2023

In the first episode of this three-part series, Peter Byrom shares his fascinating story as told in the chapter he contributed to Coming to Faith Through Dawkins. He outlines how he encountered the apologist William Lane Craig via the New Atheists an...

#70 Phil Knox: Dealing with objections

19 Sep 2023

Why do many people deem religion irrelevant? What are some of the biggest objections to belief in God? Why are droves of young people leaving the Church? Evangelist Phil Knox shares some of his thoughts about these big topics and gives some tips on h...

#69 Phil Knox: Does evangelism matter?

12 Sep 2023

Evangelist Phil Knox, author of Story Bearer and The Best of Friends, shares some of his story with Ruth Jackson, speaking about the impact of his dad's death at a young age. Plus, they discuss why evangelism matters and how we can share our story an...

#68 Andy Bannister: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?

5 Sep 2023

A Christian street preacher who was arrested for alleged hate speech, which included criticising Muhammad, was found not guilty following a recent court hearing. Dr Andy Bannister, director of Solas and author of Do Christians and Muslims worship the...

#67 Adam Coleman: 60 years on has Martin Luther King Jr's 'dream' been realised?

29 Aug 2023

Monday 28th August marked 60 years since the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where Martin Luther King Jr delivered his iconic ‘I have a dream’ speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Adam Coleman’s grandfather was personally invit...

#66 Ana Ávila: How to be productive without burning out

22 Aug 2023

In the second part of her final conversation with Ruth Jackson, Ana Ávila, author of Aprovecha Bien El Tiempo, explores how we can be more productive with our time. She responds to the objection that someone is too busy to read the Bible, pray, go t...

#65 Ana Ávila: How to avoid burn out

15 Aug 2023

Ana Ávila, author of Aprovecha Bien El Tiempo, shares her insights around how to identify and avoid burnout, how to rest well and how to master technology rather than letting it control us. For Ana Ávila: https://anaavila.org/ana • Subscribe to...

#64 Ana Ávila: Has science disproved religion?

8 Aug 2023

Ruth Jackson continues her conversation with Mexican writer Ana Ávila, who studied clinical biochemistry. Why is there a perceived conflict between science and religion? Does science contradict the Bible? Can you prove that there is a God? For Ana...

#63 Ana Ávila: Faith, questions and apologetics in Latin America

1 Aug 2023

Mexican writer Ana Ávila, who lives in Guatemala, shares her insights into religion in Latin America. How do we probe our beliefs? What does evangelism look like in a nominally Christian culture? How is apologetics received in some of these countries...

#62 Dr Jennifer Woodruff Tait: Does Christian history matter?

25 Jul 2023

Dr Jennifer Woodruff Tait, managing editor of Christian History magazine, discloses how looking at the past can help us with the future. She shares some of the interesting steps in her career, from preaching to her stuffed animals at the age of 4, to...

#61 Vince Vitale: Why does God allow suffering and how can I cope?

18 Jul 2023

Philosopher Dr Vince Vitale presents some of his PhD research around evil, suffering and theodicy. He and Ruth Jackson share their own experiences of suffering miscarriages, demonstrating that this is not just a theoretical question of why there is p...

#60 Vince Vitale: Can we be confident in our belief?

11 Jul 2023

Ruth Jackson continues her conversation with Dr Vince Vitale, one of the new guest hosts of Premier Unbelievable?, who shares why he developed a passion for evangelism and apologetics. They discuss how he responded to questions and objections academi...

#59 Vince Vitale: From scepticism to Christian apologist

28 Jun 2023

Ruth Jackson speaks to Dr Vince Vitale, one of the new guest hosts of Premier Unbelievable?, about his journey from scepticism to Christianity while studying philosophy at Princeton University. • Subscribe to the Unapologetic podcast: https://po...

#58 Collin Hansen: Does anyone care about apologetics?

21 Jun 2023

Are people even asking questions? If so, are those questions dramatically different from what they used to be? How should we respond to our rapidly changing culture? Collin Hansen, executive director of the The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics,...

#57 Elliott Rae: Fatherhood, mental health and masculinity

13 Jun 2023

Following the birth of his daughter, Elliott Rae was diagnosed with PTSD. Here, the founder of MusicFootballFatherhood (dubbed "the dads' version of Mumsnet" by the BBC) speaks to Ruth Jackson about experiencing God in the midst of suffering. He shar...