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Let the Bible Speak is the radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church. Let the Bible Speak was formed in February 1973 and commenced broadcasting in April of the same year. It began in a very small way, broadcasting over just one station on the Isle of Man, and possessing only two tape recorders as its entire equipment. However, under God, the work has grown steadily and is now a firmly established ministry. At present the programmes, with a potential weekly audience of many millions, are heard over more than a dozen stations in North America, India, Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, China and Asia. New outlets are added to the broadcasting schedule as and when suitable stations can be arranged. Let the Bible Speak is the radio ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church. It is financed entirely by the free-will offerings and gifts of the Lord’s people and never solicits money, in any way, on the air. We are sincerely grateful to all those who faithfully support this ministry, year by year, with their gifts and prayers.

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Elijah’s situation Changed

26 Jan 2024

From the victory and blessing of Mt Carmal to the valley of despair as Jezreel, Elijah’s situation had changed. His life was now in danger as Jezebel demanded his life, as the worship to Baal was exposed as false worship. Elijah for a moment focus more on Jezebel’s plan, instead of the KING of Kings power. Likewise, believer, our situation will change at some point, we must keep our mind focused upon the Lord and His great power to give help, comfort and victory when that change takes place.

Elijah was distressed

25 Jan 2024

Queen Jezebel demanded Elijah’s life as a result of the events at Mt Carmal. Though Baal was exposed as a false god, man’s invention, Jezebel out of rage demanded Elijah pay with his life. Elijah became distressed because he took his sight of the Lord and feared Jezebel’s wicked plans. Therefore, believer we to can become distressed and anxious when we think of the fear of man instead of fear and power of God.

Elijah is Discouraged

24 Jan 2024

Elijah ran to Jezreel with the hope that the victory on Mt Carmel where God revealed Himself to be the only true and living God and exposing Baal as a false god, Elijah thought Abah and Jezebel would repent from sin, but instead their hearts seemed more harder than ever, and they demanded Elijah’s life. Elijah was discouraged. Likewise believer we can become discouraged because we don’t see the results in people lives that we thought would be there when hearing the gospel, but remain faithful.

Elijah was a Spirit filled Believer

19 Jan 2024

The hand of the Lord was upon Elijah for service because he was a spirit filled believer. Every born again believer must be filled with the Holy Spirit to service God and be a blessing to others.

Elijah a man of prayer

18 Jan 2024

As a man of prayer the hand of the Lord was upon Elijah. The hand of the Lord upon Elijah symbolised the power of God resting on his life for service. The believer who spends time in prayer will know the hand of God upon their live and the believer who knows the hand of God on life is the result of praying.

The Persistency of Elijah’s prayer

17 Jan 2024

When the prophet Elijah prayed according to the word of God concerning the coming rain, the rain didn’t come immediately. God always answers prayer, but He does in His own appointed time. Elijah persisted in that he sent his servant seven times to see if there was rain and it was the seventh time the rain came upon the land.

The preciseness of Elijah’s prayer

16 Jan 2024

When the prophet Elijah prayed, he did do specifically. He had a word from God and he prayed concerning that word. We are taught in the Bible to pray with preciseness, be direct to see answers to our prayers.

The Prostration of Elijah’s prayer

15 Jan 2024

The prophet Elijah in prayer to God cast himself down, meaning in demonstrated humility in prayer. He recognised he was praying to the true and living Saviour.

The Place of Elijah’s prayer

12 Jan 2024

Once the fire had fallen upon the sacrifice at Mount Carmal and Elijah heard a sound of abundance of rain, Elijah then went further up into the Mountain to get alone with God to seek Him in prayer. He came apart to spend time alone with God. Believer we also must take time apart and spend time alone with God in prayer.

Elijah Praying

11 Jan 2024

When Elijah went to pray he didn’t ask Ahab to join him in prayer because Ahab followed a false religion whereas Elijah followed the Lord. We are reminded in Scripture there is no fellowship between true and error. They who worship must do so in truth not in compromise.

Action in prayer

10 Jan 2024

When the word of the Lord came to Elijah with a promise to pray for rain, Elijah took action. He took God at His word. Therefore, believer, we have promises given by God and we must take action to pray them and see great answers to prayer.

Scripture Guides in prayer

9 Jan 2024

When the prophet Elijah prayed, he was guided by scripture, the word of God. In learning how to pray, scripture is our guidance. Pray the word of God.

Depending on the promises of God

8 Jan 2024

The prophet Elijah as he prayed did so depending on the promises of Giod, the word of the Lord. We also pray depending on the promises of God.

The Lord’s promise for His people

5 Jan 2024

The Lord’s promise to His people is that He will never forsake or fail us.

The Lord’s presence with His people

4 Jan 2024

God’s people are encouraged that the Lord’s presence will never leave noir forsake them. What an encouragement throughout the year the Lord’s presence goes with us day by day.

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