The J.John Podcast

The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

A Holy Haunting : Facing the Canon // Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim

3 Apr 2024

J.John speaks with Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim, a Harvard-Trained Ethicist and the Co-founder of 180 Church, near Union Square in downtown Manhattan. Sam Kim is the author of 'A Holy Haunting'.

From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer: Facing the Canon // Bishop Mick Fleming

27 Mar 2024

Bishop Mick Fleming joins J.John this week. They discuss Bishop Mick's journey from a life of crime and addiction to discovering the wonders of God’s grace.

The Question of our Time: Facing the Canon // O.S. Hawkins

20 Mar 2024

J.John is joined by O.S. Hawkins. As well as being a pastor and author, O.S. Hawkins is the Chancellor of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas. Amongst other things, they discuss the importance of engaging with the Bible and...

How Friendship with Jesus Changes Us: Facing the Canon // Amy Boucher Pye

13 Mar 2024

J.John speaks with Amy Boucher Pye, an inspiring author, speaker and spiritual director. They discuss Amy's journey of faith and helpful ways that each of us can embrace friendship with Jesus.

Joy-Filled Faith: Facing the Canon // Barry Meguiar

6 Mar 2024

Barry Meguiar is the third-generation president of Meguiar’s Car Wax, the top-selling car wax in America. He joins J.John to talk about his passion for sharing his joy-filled faith with others.

Mental and Emotional Health: Facing the Canon // Will Van Der Hart

28 Feb 2024

J.John is joined by Will Van Der Hart, a church minister with a passion to see healing in the area of mental and emotional health.

Why Less Means More: Facing the Canon // Cathy Madavan

21 Feb 2024

Author and speaker Cathy Madavan joins J.John this week. Together, they discuss why in today's world, busyness is often glorified, and Cathy's book 'Why Less Means More'.

Talking Jesus: Facing the Canon // Rachael Heffer

14 Feb 2024

J.John speaks with Rachael Heffer about what people in the UK think of Jesus, Christians, and evangelism today.

Apologetics for Young People: Facing the Canon // Alanzo Julian Paul

7 Feb 2024

J.John speaks with Alanzo Julian Paul, an apologist who is passionate about engaging with people’s questions about God, the Bible, life, and the Church.

Miracles: Facing the Canon // Geoff and Hope Price

31 Jan 2024

J.John is joined by Geoff and Hope Price who talk about miracles.

Angels: Facing the Canon // Hope Price

24 Jan 2024

J.John is joined by Hope Price who shares stories of how people today have experienced angels. 

The Portable Priest: Facing the Canon // Pat Allerton

17 Jan 2024

J.John speaks with Rev Pat Allerton who shares his story from attending Eton College to being known as the Portable Priest during the coronavirus lockdown.

A Theology of Periods: Facing the Canon // Rachel Jones

10 Jan 2024

J.John is joined by Rachel Jones to speak about a theology of periods, bodies, womanhood, time, pain and purpose.

Turn the Page: Facing the Canon // Simon Allaby

3 Jan 2024

J.John speaks with Simon Allaby, an evangelist with a heart to use stories to share faith.

Christmas Unwrapped

27 Dec 2023

J.John unwraps the true meaning of Christmas in this special episode of J.John on Sundays. Filmed at Kensington Temple in the heart of London.