The J.John Podcast

The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

Facing the Canon: Sharon Dirckx

4 May 2022

J.John is joined by Sharon Dirckx, a former neuroscientist, speaker and author.

Facing the Canon: Killy John

27 Apr 2022

In this special episode, J.John speaks with his wife Killy about her own journey of faith, motherhood and ministry.

Why Easter?

20 Apr 2022

A special Easter message from J.John. In this episode he explains the meaning of Easter and its relevance for today.

Facing the Canon: Dr Peter Saunders

13 Apr 2022

J.John speaks with Dr Peter Saunders. CEO of The International Christian Medical and Dental Association.

Facing the Canon: Jen Rees Larcombe

6 Apr 2022

J.John is joined by the inspirational Jen Rees Larcombe to discuss her life, ministry and walk with God. A true story of Beauty from Ashes.

Facing the Canon: Richard Gamble

30 Mar 2022

J.John speaks with Richard Gamble, founder of Eternal Wall, a huge monument to answered prayer being built in the UK.

Mothers in Tough Times

26 Mar 2022

Mother’s Day is when, amid flowers, cards and perhaps a meal out, we remember happy memories of our mothers. It’s a day rich in sentiment, yet there’s more to mothers than the cosiness of this celebration allows for. You see, thinking about something...

Facing the Canon: Ed Walker

23 Mar 2022

After serving in war-torn areas for a decade, Ed Walker launched Hope into Action in the UK to help house those in need. He joins J.John to tell his story.

Facing the Canon: Emma Borquaye

16 Mar 2022

J.John interviews Emma Borquaye; public speaker and founder of the multi award winning online platform, Girl Got Faith. She pioneers new ways to engage teen girls with faith and delivers self-esteem workshops in schools across the U.K.

Facing the Canon: Sam Allberry

9 Mar 2022

J.John is joined by Sam Allberry; pastor, speaker and author of 'What God Has to Say About Our Bodies'.

Facing the Canon: Sheldon Thomas

2 Mar 2022

J.John speaks with Sheldon Thomas, a former gang member, about overcoming racism and gang culture.

Facing the Canon: Matt Summerfield

23 Feb 2022

Joining J.John this week is Matt Summerfield, a church leader and evangelist who is passionate about people, life, and most of all about Jesus.

Facing the Canon: Dominic Muir

16 Feb 2022

J.John speaks with Dominic Muir, a street preacher and evangelist who is passionate to see people encounter God.

Facing the Canon: Rico Tice

9 Feb 2022

J.John is joined by Rico Tice of Christian Explored Ministries to discuss the gospel, evangelism and Hope Explored.

Facing the Canon: Julie Sheldon

2 Feb 2022

J.John speaks with Julie Sheldon, a former ballerina who was miraculously healed of dystonia.