The J.John Podcast

The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

Facing the Canon: Rich Wilson

23 Nov 2022

J.John speaks with Rich Wilson about university student ministry. Rich also shares his own raw yet inspirational story of losing two children and journeying through grief.

Facing the Canon: Debbie Flood

16 Nov 2022

J.John is joined by Debbie Flood, a former GB Rower and Olympian who now works for Christians in Sport.

Facing the Canon: Pete Greig

9 Nov 2022

J.John speaks with Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 Prayer about his story, unanswered prayer, and how to hear God.

Facing the Canon: James Ray

2 Nov 2022

J.John speaks about mind, body, soul adventures with James Ray, CEO of Xtreme Character Challenge.

Facing the Canon: David Shearman

26 Oct 2022

Joining J.John is David Shearman; pastor, teacher and leader of leaders.

Facing the Canon: Howard Satterthwaite

19 Oct 2022

J.John speaks with Howard Satterthwaite, Lead Pastor of Westminster Chapel and author of Spiritual Detox. They discuss addiction to approval, and how to discover the joy of liberating confession.

Facing the Canon: Emma Heath

12 Oct 2022

Joining J.John is Emma Heath. After overcoming alcohol addiction, Emma now helps those who live with a wide range of addictions.

Facing the Canon: Ray Bevan

5 Oct 2022

J.John speaks with Ray Bevan, a refreshing church leader and evangelist from Newport, Wales.

Facing the Canon: Alex Jacob

28 Sep 2022

J.John is joined by Alex Jacob, CEO of Church's Ministry among Jewish People, an organisation founded by Joseph Frey, William Wilberforce and Lord Shaftesbury.

Facing the Canon: Andy Bannister

21 Sep 2022

J.John speaks with Andy Bannister; evangelist, apologist, and author of 'The Atheist Who Didn't Exist'.

Facing the Canon: Warren Furman

14 Sep 2022

Joining J.John this week is Warren Furman. Formerly known as 'Ace' from the hit TV programme 'Gladiators', Warren is now an itinerant evangelist with ACE Active Ministry. 

The Passing of the Queen

8 Sep 2022

‘The Queen has died.’ We have always known that someday we would hear those words, but that certainty has not robbed them of either their sadness or their solemnity. In the sea of tributes now overwhelming us, how should we react?

Facing the Canon: Trudy Makepeace

7 Sep 2022

A former addict and ex offender, now a minister and missionary, Trudy Makepeace joins J.John to tell her story of how after 33 attempts to get clean from addiction, she found new life in Jesus.

Facing the Canon: Roy Crowne

31 Aug 2022

J.John speaks with Roy Crowne, president of HOPE Together, about raising up a generation of gospel entrepreneurs.

Facing the Canon: Agu Irukwu

24 Aug 2022

Joining J.John is Pastor Agu Irukwu, Senior Pastor of Jesus House in London. As well as talking about his life, they discuss how we can have a deeper prayer life.