The J.John Podcast

The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

Facing the Canon: Dave Smith

17 Aug 2022

J.John speaks with Dave Smith, Senior Pastor of KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough about planting a church, revival, and God's plan for our wellbeing.

Facing the Canon: Dr Naomi Graham

10 Aug 2022

J.John speaks with Dr Naomi Graham, an Occupational Therapist who has pioneered Growing Hope to bring free therapy to children with additional needs through local churches.

Facing the Canon: Ric Thorpe

3 Aug 2022

J.John is joined by Ric Thorpe, Bishop of Islington and Director of the Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication, to discuss Church planting and revitalisation.

Facing the Canon: Leah Sax

27 Jul 2022

J.John speaks with professional musician Leah Sax about being a Christian, and dealing with the pressures of working in the music industry.

Facing the Canon: Dr Dan Strange

20 Jul 2022

J.John is joined by Dr Dan Strange to discuss his new book 'Making Faith Magnetic' and how Jesus makes sense of humankind's deepest questions and longings.

Facing the Canon: Phil Cooke

13 Jul 2022

J.John sits down with Phil Cooke, a Hollywood producer with a PhD in Theology to talk about faith, media, culture and Phil's new book 'Ideas on a Deadline'.

Jesus Christ – The Truth

8 Jul 2022

There is no denying the importance of Jesus Christ in the history of humankind.Over two thousand years empires, governments, political systems and philosophies have come and gone but the presence of Jesus has remained: mysterious, dominant and utterl...

Facing the Canon: Graham Dacre

6 Jul 2022

J.John speaks with Graham Dacre, a businessman, entrepreneur and evangelist who is passionate about business and sharing his faith with others.

Father's Day

22 Jun 2022

This Father's Day, J.John explains how we can father our children in the same way our heavenly Father father's us.

Facing the Canon: Lionel Wallace

15 Jun 2022

Joining J.John on Facing the Canon is Lionel Wallace, the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, an aeronautical engineer and a local church pastor!

Pentecost – Come Holy Spirit

8 Jun 2022

This Pentecost, join J.John as he unpacks what the Holy Spirit does in our lives.

Facing the Canon: Rachel Mackenzie

1 Jun 2022

This week on Facing the Canon, J.John speaks with Rachel Mackenzie, an inspirational woman who, having had two abortions herself, is now supporting others who have had similar experiences. Rachel describes her experiences of abuse, abortion and grief...

Facing the Canon: Greg Downes

25 May 2022

J.John speaks with Greg Downes, a powerful evangelist whose zeal and passion for the Gospel overflows into every area of his life. Amongst stories of evangelists such as John Wesley and George Whitefield, they share testimonies of when Greg has remov...

Facing the Canon: Sean Stillman

18 May 2022

J.John is joined by Sean Stillman, Interntional President of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club and founder of Zac's Place in Swansea.

Facing the Canon: Mark Birch-Machin

11 May 2022

J.John speaks with Mark Birch-Machin PhD about dermatology and hearing the voice of God.