The J.John Podcast

The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

just10 // SESSION TWO – How to Hold to the Truth

24 May 2023

The ninth commandment reminds us that speaking is a serious matter. Honesty in what we say is vital for the health of our society, for our relationships and even for us as individuals. Session Two explores how we can be people who hold to the truth.

just10 // SESSION ONE – How to Find True Contentment

17 May 2023

The old saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ is quite simply not true! In this first session on the tenth commandment, J.John helps us to understand the problems of materialism and outlines principles to help us truly find contentme...

Healing: Facing the Canon with Nigel Mumford (part two of two)

10 May 2023

J.John is again joined by the Rev. Nigel W.D Mumford. This week they talk about healing.

Dying to Live: Facing the Canon with Nigel Mumford (part one of two)

3 May 2023

Joining J.John this week is the Rev. Nigel W.D Mumford, a former Royal Marine, now priest, who has had 14 near death experiences. (part one of two)

Navigating Grief, Finding Hope: Facing the Canon with Simon Thomas

26 Apr 2023

J.John speaks with sports broadcaster and former Blue Peter Presenter, Simon Thomas, about his life and journey of faith. Amongst other things, they talk about navigating grief and finding hope.

The Best of Friends: Facing the Canon with Phil Knox

19 Apr 2023

J.John is joined by Phil Knox, head of evangelism at the Evangelical Alliance. They talk about how each of us can be Story Bearers, and Phil's new book 'The Best of Friends'.

The Invitation

12 Apr 2023

Did you know that Christianity is an invitation? J.John unpacks John 3:16 and explains what the invitation is all about.

Empty Tomb, Full Life

8 Apr 2023

Were that tomb full, our lives would be empty. But it is empty so that our lives can be full.

Faith Stories

5 Apr 2023

In this special episode, J.John speaks with many people who talk about their own journey's of faith.

A Reason for the Hope We Have

29 Mar 2023

This week, J.John speaks with a number of apologists who answer questions that many of us have about God.

Dealing with Addiction

22 Mar 2023

In this special episode, J.John speaks with Lauren Windle and Barry Woodward, who have both overcome addiction.

Facing the Canon: Joe Boot (Part Two)

15 Mar 2023

Joining J.John again is Joseph Boot. Together they discuss cultural apologetics and the Mission of God. (part two of two)

BONUS EPISODE: J.John and Killy in Conversation at the Evangelists' Conference 2023

10 Mar 2023

J.John and Killy are interviewed by fellow evangelists Mark Greenwood and Mark Ritchie at the Evangelists' Conference 2023.Find out more about the Evangelists' Conference 2024 at

Facing the Canon: Joe Boot (Part One)

8 Mar 2023

J.John is joined by Joseph Boot, a Christian thinker, cultural apologist and Founder and President of the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. (part one of two)

Facing the Canon: Professor Paul McGee (Part Two)

1 Mar 2023

Joining J.John again is Professor Paul McGee. Using the SUMO approach, they discuss how we can improve our relationships with others. (part two of two)