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7 Sep 2023

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George Floyd, black women and love in leadership - Yetunde Hofmann

15 Jan 2023

Andy Peck talks to Yetunde Hofmann, who has been involved in leadership for over 25 years in the corporate world and now has a portfolio career which includes leading an international leadership and change consulting practice and organisation that su...

The Leadership Show re-run: Small Groups Matter - Katherine Brown

8 Jan 2023

Andy Peck talks to Katherine Brown a small group leadership trainer with the Fusion Student Movement, about that all important business of leading a small group: what’s important? What’s not? And how do you build community?  

The Leadership Show Re-run: Restoration ministry! - Andrew Mitchell

1 Jan 2023

God led Andrew to lay down his music career for a season. He shares how he was led to renovate properties, but God had a renovation of the heart and a restoration of a stately home as part of his agenda. A remarkable story of God’s faithfulness leadi...

Leadership Show Re-run: Leading authentically - Will van der Hart

18 Dec 2022

Will is a Pastoral Chaplain at Holy Trinity Brompton. Based on his book, The Power of Belonging, Will looks at being vulnerable as a leader and how shame works against out engagement with others. He shares why ‘success doesn't equal security and touc...

Leadership Show Rerun: Bringing Change to a congregation

11 Dec 2022

Andy Hickford had been at a church for 23 years as senior pastor in Worthing, moved to a church in Torquay with a mandate for change and within a year, covid had struck. Andy thinks churches need to think carefully before returning things to the way...

Leadership Show Rerun: All-age worship

4 Dec 2022

Andy Peck talks to Nick and Becky Drake who launched the ministry ‘Worship for Everyone’ in 2010 in order to unite all ages in worship.   They serve at Gas Street Church in Birmingham. Nick is the Associate vicar and Becky runs ‘Worship for Everyone’...

Leadership Show Rerun: Supernatural Lifestyle - Lauren Crook

27 Nov 2022

Andy Peck chats with Lauren Crook, the senior leader of Kingdom Living Ministries about living a supernatural lifestyle guided by the power of the Holy Spirit. Lauren explains why she believes local churches can see Jesus work today as he did in his...

Leadership Show Rerun: Worship that pleases God

20 Nov 2022

Andy Peck talks with Neil Bennetts songwriter and CEO of The Worship Foundation on the language of worship and how we can best lead worship in the local church

Leadership Show Rerun: Making Decisions as a Leader - Viv Thomas

13 Nov 2022

Andy Peck talks to Viv Thomas, author of Wisdom Road: Making Decisions in Company with God. They discuss how do we make better decisions by learning from bad ones and whether God has a 'plan' for our lives or whether we work things out together. 

Leadership Show Rerun: Developing the leadership in everyone - Trevor Waldock

6 Nov 2022

Andy Peck talks with Trevor Waldock, a leadership mentor and coach about how leadership is developing the potential of others. We all have a pen to write our future, will you pick up your pen?

Leadership Show Rerun: Misusing power - Marcus Honeysett

30 Oct 2022

Andy Peck talks to Marcus Honeysett, founding director of Living Leadership on the topic of the abuse and misuse of power. Marcus is the author of Powerful Leaders?: When Church Leadership Goes Wrong And How to Prevent It. The book was published afte...

Leadership Show Rerun: Supernatural healing - Angela Walker

23 Oct 2022

The pediatrician explains how she left the NHS to learn supernatural pediatrics in Mozambique with Iris Global and is now called to equip Christians to know wholeness and healing in Christ back in the UK

Leadership Show Rerun: Leading children in the age of the screen - Katharine Hill

16 Oct 2022

In a series of re-runs of the most popular episodes on The Leadership Show according to podcast downloads, Andy Peck talks to Katharine Hill, the UK director of Care for the Family about her book, ‘Left to their own devices’. The books helps parents...

Reputation Matters - Jonathan Coad

9 Oct 2022

I am a media lawyer, author, committed Christian, and part time jazz and gospel musician.

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