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Do you need a faith-lift? An infusion of faith, hope and love? The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

Permission to Dream: Facing the Canon // Christine Caine

19 Jun 2024

J.John is joined by Christine Caine, the founder of A21 and Propel Women. Christine has shared the hope of Jesus around the world for over 30 years, helping people to discover their God-given purpose. She talks with J.John about her journey of faith...

Worship & Freedom from Anxiety: Facing the Canon // Elle Limebear

12 Jun 2024

J.John is joined by Elle Limebear, a worship leader and author of 'Say Goodbye to Anxiety'.

Jesus in My Corner: Facing the Canon // Andy Flute

5 Jun 2024

J.John speaks with Andy Flute, a former professional boxer and author of Jesus in my Corner. // Facing the Canon: Matthew Potter

31 May 2024

J.John is joined by Matthew Potter, the founder of, an app with a mission to grow faith and cultivate community.

God Isn't FInished With You Yet: Facing the Canon // Catherine Campbell

22 May 2024

J.John speaks with Catherine Campbell about faith in the face of trials. Catherine shares the moving story of her three children, two of whom lived with profound disabilities and were promoted to glory in their childhood.

Good News: Facing the Canon // Canon Carrie Headington

15 May 2024

J.John speaks with Canon Carrie Headington about her journey from atheism to faith in Jesus, finding healing from depression, and her passion to share the Good News of Jesus in word and action.

Encountering the Presence of God: Facing the Canon // Jason & Lynda Heron

8 May 2024

J.John is joined by Jason & Lynda Heron, pastors of Elim Northampton. They share about how dramatic encounters with Jesus transformed their lives, and how Lynda found miraculous healing from ME.

Empowering the Local Church: Facing the Canon // Jon Norman

1 May 2024

J.John speaks with Jon Norman, pastor of Soul Church in Norwich and Chaplain of Norwich City FC. Jon is the author of 'Unmasked' and has a passion to equip, empower and encourage the local church.

Lighting the Beacons: Facing the Canon // Rt Revd Dr Jill Duff

24 Apr 2024

J.John is joined by the Rt Revd Dr Jill Duff, the Bishop of Lancaster. They discuss Bishop Jill's book 'Lighting the Beacons', and her passion to see faith kindled in the hearts of people across the UK and around the world.

From Gospel Singer to Gospel Preacher: Facing the Canon // Bishop John Francis

17 Apr 2024

J.John speaks with Bishop John Francis, the founder of Ruach City Church and the Inspirational Choir. They discuss Bishop John's journey of faith and ministry.

Reaching the Middle East: Facing the Canon // Rita El-Mounayer

10 Apr 2024

J.John is joined by Rita El-Mounayer who shares her story of growing up in Lebanon and her passion for using media to reach the world with God's love. Rita is the CEO of SAT-7, a minitry reaching people across the Middle East and North Africa.

A Holy Haunting : Facing the Canon // Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim

3 Apr 2024

J.John speaks with Rev. Dr. Sam D. Kim, a Harvard-Trained Ethicist and the Co-founder of 180 Church, near Union Square in downtown Manhattan. Sam Kim is the author of 'A Holy Haunting'.

From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer: Facing the Canon // Bishop Mick Fleming

27 Mar 2024

Bishop Mick Fleming joins J.John this week. They discuss Bishop Mick's journey from a life of crime and addiction to discovering the wonders of God’s grace.

The Question of our Time: Facing the Canon // O.S. Hawkins

20 Mar 2024

J.John is joined by O.S. Hawkins. As well as being a pastor and author, O.S. Hawkins is the Chancellor of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas. Amongst other things, they discuss the importance of engaging with the Bible and...

How Friendship with Jesus Changes Us: Facing the Canon // Amy Boucher Pye

13 Mar 2024

J.John speaks with Amy Boucher Pye, an inspiring author, speaker and spiritual director. They discuss Amy's journey of faith and helpful ways that each of us can embrace friendship with Jesus.

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