The J.John Podcast

Do you need a faith-lift? An infusion of faith, hope and love? The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

Light Through the Cracks: Today with J.John // Joanna Watson

27 Sep 2023

J.John speaks with Joanna Watson, author of 'Light through the Cracks'. They discuss remarkable stories of God breaking through in difficult situations, turning things around.

Paul and Early Christianity: Today with J.John // N.T. Wright (Pt 2)

27 Sep 2023

N.T. Wright joins J.John for a discussion about Paul who wrote much of the New Testament. (Part 2 of 2)

Difficult Bible Questions and the First Century World: Today with J.John // N.T. Wright (Pt 1)

20 Sep 2023

World-renowned theologian, Professor N.T. Wright joins J.John for a hugely insightful interview exploring the Bible and the First Century world. (Part 1 of 2)

Vicar of Baghdad: Today with J.John // Canon Andrew White

13 Sep 2023

J.John speaks with Canon Andrew White, best known as the Vicar of Baghdad. They share stories of seeing angels, miraculous interventions and seeing God's glory in our day-to-day lives.

Walking Free: Today with J.John // John Edwards

6 Sep 2023

J.John is joined by John Edwards. After decades of substance abuse and homelessness, John is now an evangelist who has dedicated his life to helping others find freedom.

Where the Light Fell: Today with J.John // Philip Yancey

30 Aug 2023

J.John speaks with author Philip Yancey about his life, growing up in a toxic church environment, and his memoir 'Where the Light Fell'.

Miracles, Marriage and Generosity: Today with J.John // Terry and Juanita Baker

23 Aug 2023

This week, J.John speaks with Terry & Juanita Baker to unpack their wisdom in the areas of miracles, marriage and generosity.

Letter to the Church: Today with J.John // Eric Metaxas

16 Aug 2023

J.John speaks with New York Times Bestselling author Eric Metaxas about his life, journey of faith, and the lessons that we can learn from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Keys to Freedom: Facing the Canon with Arianna Walker

9 Aug 2023

J.John is joined by Arianna Walker, CEO of Mercy UK, to talk about the keys to freedom in Christ.

Jesus Revolution: Facing the Canon with Greg Laurie

2 Aug 2023

Joining J.John this week is Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, California. They talk about Pastor Greg's journey of faith and the new movie Jesus Revolution, based on his life.

If a Wicked Man: Facing the Canon with John Lawson

26 Jul 2023

J.John speaks with John Lawson, author of ‘If a Wicked Man’, who found true freedom behind bars.

just10 // SESSION TEN – How to Live by Priorities

19 Jul 2023

Finally, we have arrived at the beginning of the Ten Commandments. In this final session of just10, J.John explains how we can really put God first in our lives.

just10 // SESSION NINE – How to Know God

12 Jul 2023

In this penultimate session of just10, J.John looks at the second commandment on the topic of idolatry and asks,‘How do we know the real God?’

just10 // SESSION EIGHT – How to Take God Seriously

5 Jul 2023

Throughout Session Eight of just10, J.John shows how the use and misuse of God’s name concerns the very nature of who God is. 

just10 // SESSION SEVEN – How to Prevent Burnout

28 Jun 2023

In Session Seven of just10, J.John shows how ignoring the Sabbath carries a heavy physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual price tag.