The J.John Podcast

The J.John Podcast is a weekly dose of encouragement and inspiration to give you confidence in your faith and confidence to share your faith.

Know God – The Ten Commandments

26 Aug 2020

In the penultimate episode of this Ten Commandments series, J.John explains the 2nd Commandment.

Take God Seriously – The Ten Commandments

19 Aug 2020

In this episode, J.John brings a message on the 3rd Commandment as he challenges us to take God seriously.

Catch Your Breath – The Ten Commandments

12 Aug 2020

J.John continues unpacking the Ten Commandments. This week he challenges us to consider the 4th Commandment.

Keep the Peace With Your Parents – The Ten Commandments

5 Aug 2020

What does it mean to honour your parents? J.John explains the 5th Commandment.

Manage Your Anger – The Ten Commandments

29 Jul 2020

Join J.John as he continues his series on the Ten Commandments. This week he unpacks the 6th Commandment.

Affair-Proof Our Relationships – The Ten Commandments

22 Jul 2020

This week, J.John explores what the 7th Commandment means for us today.

Prosper with a Clear Conscience – The Ten Commandments

15 Jul 2020

J.John unpacks the 8th Commandment as he continues his series on the Ten Commandments.

Hold to the Truth – The Ten Commandments

8 Jul 2020

J.John continues his series on the Ten Commandments. This week he looks at the 9th Commandment.

Find True Contentment – The Ten Commandments

1 Jul 2020

This week, J.John begins a ten week series on the Ten Commandments. He starts by exploring the 10th Commandment.

Father's Day

24 Jun 2020

Following Father's Day this past weekend, J.John brings a special message.

If God Asked You to Do Something, Would You Do It?

17 Jun 2020

In this episode, J.John explores the story of Jonah and challenges us to consider the question; “If God asked you to do something, would you do it?”

Responding to the Shout

10 Jun 2020

This week J.John unpacks the story of the raising of Lazarus and explains how it applies to our lives today.

Pentecost – Come Holy Spirit

3 Jun 2020

Join J.John this Pentecost as he teaches on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Why I am a Christian

27 May 2020

This week J.John explains why he is a Christian and encourages us to consider why we should also be a Christian.

Foundations for Life

20 May 2020

Tune in as J.John unpacks 4 symbols and foundations for Christian life.